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Ken Code recently published his massive list of unique BitShares features on Telegram:

I thought I'd repost it here so I can find it again every time I need it.

You may like it too!

Bitshares has...

Lightning fast, fully-confirmed, on-chain transactions with 3 second blocks (1.5 sec on average)

Full-fledged Decentralised Exchange (DEx) with simple/advanced Trader's Tools

No KYC bs

Thousands of coins to choose from and trade

Free accounts

Recently blew through 3,300 transactions per second (see with over 14,000 ops per second.

Decentralised order books

Prediction markets (huge UI opportunities here)

Multiple block explorers

Blockchain logins (check out BEET)

Tons of free api nodes you can connect to

Supported by multiple Exchanges and Bridges (,,, blocktrades, etc)

User-issued assets and coin factory

Multiple mobile wallets (check out BiTSy)

Self-funding blockchain with a multi-million Dollar reserve pool

Direct-debit options

Weighted, Hierarchical and Deterministic Multi-signing (Multisig) accounts

Escrow services

Cross-chain HTLC Atomic Swaps (no more CEX's!)

100% free and open source software (FOSS)

No counterparty, no middlemen, no permissioned or centralised side-chains needed

No KYC crap

Affiliate/referral rewards program with discounts and 80% cashback

Paper wallets

Blinded transactions for privacy

20+ provably-collateralised Smartcoins/Stable-coins (upgrade n progress)

Collateralised debt positions (zero-counterparty loans/borrowing of stablecoins (like bitUSD, bitCNY, bitEUR, bitGold, bitSilver, etc))

Recurring payments (bills, subscriptions, etc)

Invoicing and payment Proposal system

Scheduled payments (pensions, employee bonuses, etc)


Huge open source repositories and Developer community

On-chain voting (the self-funding blockchain pays the block producers, node admins, developers, marketers, etc. Vote for your favorites)

Human-readable account names/addresses (nathancustomboats, mobile-papa, bobs-bigboy-52, etc)

dApp tools and libraries

Hacking bounties (earn thousands of dollars to find a bug!)

Decentralised, encrypted messaging

51% Attacks are impossible (see

Cold Storage (Ledger Nano, etc)

ID Theft is impossible

No f!!kng KYC, ever.

A robust Point Of Sale network (check out

Stakeholder approved funding for your projects or ICO

Vesting Balances

Barter tools (huge UI opportunities here too)

Timed Transfers

..and way more


some of these features i don't have a clue on how to use them, missing a set of bitshares A to Z video's sometimes ..

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check out this playlist from @bitspark: DEX Masterclass 101

Yes...sadly this is true. I only use Bitshares for transferring BTS out to another exchange to sell.

... and way more here:

Thanks Ken, Stan!

I think bitshares is awesome but it's visibility is lacking. Continually 5-10 min video tutorials on how to use many of these features would be great and a little bit of marketing would help people realize this amazing project. Just my opinion

The greatest Dex of all time!

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Just to clarify...

No kyc?


Sharing is caring. Great features, some i didn't knew

Appreciated 🤓👍

Thanks for posting this info. Still a big fan of Bitshares!

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