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We've created a new company called the BEOS Eco Business Trust (BECO) which is designed to operate the BEOS network and hold assets in many projects that build on the BEOS network for the benefit of its members — those who hold Beos and Manna tokens.

  • BLCA – the original creator of the BEOS blockchain – has been folded into BECO, together with 100,000,000 of its BEOS tokens.

  • The Cloud Coin team has provided 200,000 BitShares cloud coin tokens and will be offering cloud coin backed tokens on BitShares and BEOS.

  • We have also acquired 10% private equity in Mission Space, the space telescope company you can read about at

  • We are expecting to have similar contributions from, and

  • Finally, later this year ​ will be offering an incredible 5% pre-paid access discount on its Quint token in exchange for Manna. For example, as a trust beneficiary, you will be able apply a Manna token for about 10 cents off on a $2.00 Quint gold legal tender backed token. Every single Manna token can be traded for 10 cents off, so that makes a total supply of 888,000,000 mana tokens worth 88,000,000 dollars right off the bat. By this measure, each Manna will thus be worth a dime, not a penny. Nice!

We anticipate that BECO, as an accredited investor, will ultimately be holding some of these tokenized securities for the benefit of its members. If you haven’t started collecting Manna yourselves – get a BEOS account today at and stake some BTS and BEOS to start collecting a skyfall of Manna from heaven. Read all about it here: ​How BEOS Manna Works


Nice to get an update on BEOS. Sounds like great progress is being made. I'm glad I got in early on the rainfall and skyfall. Thanks Stan for this info and I hope you are doing well!