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Wouldn't it be great if BitShares had a powerful champion like Ethereum has with Consensys or Linux has with Red Hat? Well soon it will! Cryptonomex may be about to gain new superpowers that will allow it to build BitShares into the powerhouse we alway knew it would be! Of course, Cryptonomex has been quietly working to promote BitShares since it released the code for the world's first decentralized exchange in 2014. But without new investor support there was only so much we could do.

Not any more.

While the industry is stampeding away from Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in a panic, Cryptonomex is preparing to charge headlong into the fray. Using new guidance from TXSRB and the Stokens Model, we think we may be able to freely seek investors and ultimately offer legal securities to everyone, including US citizens, on the BitShares blockchain in the next few months under the recent US Reg A+ Title IV Tier II, et. al. JOBS act and associated new crowdfunding laws.

Say that again with me now:
"Reg A+ Title IV Tier II"

Kind of just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?
...and don't make me mention "Reg B".

Stokens, Inc. and several others will be doing the same thing in parallel. This will set the new standard for high quality ICOs and put BitShares on the map for all the startups who are interested in doing ICOs "by the book".

...and we have an awesome new business model as a result.

The Case for Cryptonomex

Cryptonomex is well known as the developers of the technology that spawned BitShares, Steemit, Peerplays, Muse and now EOS. It is lesser known for its invention of the BitShares Exchange Network (Big BEN) two years ago - of which is the first and best known member. We believe conditions are now right to greatly increase adoption of Big BEN - which will now become a turn-key way for exchanges to migrate to safety and transparency demanded by the world.

Cryptonomex will be the provider of turn-key exchange upgrades that any exchange can adopt...allowing them to become compliant with global jurisdictions and the industries new Token Exchange Self-Regulating Body ( Further, Cryptonomex will greatly expand its 4-year role which is similar to Red Hat for Linux and Consensys for Ethereum. Using its new funding to promote the ecosystem with far more power than it has had in the past.

BitShares will remain a fully autonomous Sovereign Software Company independent of Cryptonomex. But now there will be another way to get top quality development when shareholders can't agree to do it themselves with their own $100,000,000 development fund. Joint development proposals with matching funds from Cryptonomex and BitShares are another intriguing possibility to take BitShares to premium quality across the board. We'll also be building out a customer support division with thousands of operators standing by to provide uniform support for member exchanges.

Here are a few tantalizing possibilities for joint developments between Cryptonomex and BitShares...

  • Add other commodities market tokens
  • Add other smartcoin market tokens
  • Hardening physical security
  • BitShares in Space - mirror witness nodes on new satellite networks.
  • Full time operational support team
  • UI/UX Development for wallets
  • Free the Fast Bitcoins (FBTC) support
  • Reset bitGOLD and other swanned assets
  • Add forkless sharedrop support on UIA to other tokens
  • Add Remittio debit card support to wallets for offramp
  • Provide opt-in KYC/AML credentials for assets that need them.
  • Attracting high quality security tokens (stokens)
  • Market making capability to bring depth and liquidity
  • Improved stealth privacy support
  • Universal help desk - world class customer support
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Billion Hero Campaign acceleration
  • TXSRB representation

All this is possible because of the new TXSRB-approved Stokens Model for issuing fully legal securities on the BitShares blockchain. We'll talk about how that works in a series of upcoming posts. Suffice it to say that under the Stokens model, the US just became the best place to do quality ICOs with Americans given blessing to participate again, just like in the Free World.

For now, we'll just say that the current ICO crisis is making it possible to achieve what the BitShares community has been envisioning for a very long time!

Did I mention that this all starts This Summer!

The BitShares Exchange Network (Big BEN), Revisited

Here's how Big BEN was first described on June 15th, 2015 post on

Here's a past article on Cryptonomex:
Cryptonomex Rears its Head


Stan Larimer, President
The Godfather of BitShares and the HERO

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Will Stokens be UIAs on the Bitshares DEX?


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stokens is a generic term for "security tokens". Stokens, Inc. will have a TBD name on the BitShares DEX.


Wow very nice post and update!!!

thanks a lot, i thing i will invest in Bitshare!!!

keep it buddy!!!!!!


Post!!!!!! ;o)

does that mean that an ICO has to do KYC for ALL countries, or can they choose?

You're from US? Ok, here's the KYC
You're from a free land? Send money here

or is this impossible?


Follow all the laws from every country you might ever visit or change planes in.


the question is, do I need to follow KYC rules even when I'm not from US to join a particular ICO that's offering to US?


At different stages in the process there are different requirements. We'll publish all the details in future posts.


Hi Stan, will Eos make Bitshares redundant?


No. I expect that we will upgrade BitShares to EOS tech and become unstoppable.

Sounds great, thank you for the upgrade ... reposted it!!!

BitShares in Space <3

Are you Sure Cryptonomex is a reliable network, because people wants a reliable exchange service.
have never heard of Cryptonomex before.


Then we have done our job. Our goal was to raise up BitShares to full independence from us. We did clearly did that if you have not heard of us!


Bitshares is the reliable decentralized exchange on blockchain that was developed by Cryptonomex.
Been running without problems for last 3 years.

Very interesting developments. I will be watching BTS more closely now. I don't have enough info to know at this point what I think it will do to BTS, but the outlook imo looks good.

On another note, I use the decentralized exchange quite often and absolutely love it.

I am sorry. I am a little bit confused.

Can someone explain to me what is Cryptonomex and how is it supposed to develop bitshares ? Does Cryptonomex own a large number of bts?
Does Cryptonomex have its own coin? Is it a private company like steemit inc.?

And why does bitshares need Cryptonomex? Why is it having trouble in developing itself?

Moreover, what is the billion hero campaign? Is it related to the hero coin? And what does it have to do with Cryptonomex?

I'm sure those are obvious questions for many of you. So, can someone please explain them to me?


The article answers it. Check out and all of

Also, this article from the History of BitShares shows where Cryptonomex came from, although the specifics have changed since then...

Cryptonomex Rears its Head


Thank you @stan. I have read the article.

Check out and all of

I was hoping for a short version of that. Thank you anyway.


@sadekj Go Google. all those question have all the answer on that.
i would say that i knew that those relativity on the last @stan post.

This one is intresting to read

Dude! Wow! The possibilities are mindblowing! Time for me to get some more BTS and Hero!

Whu you dont give upvotes on your comments.@stan


I gave you one . .and a meme




Now we're talking. Let's do it.

Cool post! :)

This is what I like most in this article:

" BitShares will remain a fully autonomous Sovereign Software Company independent of Cryptonomex"

Thanks for the clarity of it...I remain following you @stan.

nice posting

@stan your bitsharestalk link points to a bitcointalk post.

I hope this happens, ive got a few Bitshares on Eobot :) If it's able to jump to a dollar I will already be more than happy


true believers and investors put their BTS on the BitShares wallet and not on crap like eo...


@technicalside just move.
it transfer absolutely fast. and exchance as well.

dont forget to buy Hero too.


Do you think its wise to sell? it might climb up over the years??? and in your opinion is HERO a good coin? will check it out hey thnx

Stan, your information is very useful. As of matter of fact, I think "useful" is not the correct word to thank you for your time, your knowledge and good intentions in all your projects. Receiving all this information from you, it is a previlege. I am promoting Hero, not because of the rewards, but because I want more people get to know Bitshares, one of the top 20 coins, that I am sure the same people will help you take to the top. Thank you for sharing your plans and progress, not everybody will do that. So, very very thankful. And let us know when you need people to help you.

The best games have not even started yet ;-)

Before you can understand ethereum, it helps to first understand the internet.

Today, our personal data, passwords and financial information are all largely stored on other people's computers – in clouds and servers owned by companies like Amazon, Facebook or Google. Even this CoinDesk article is stored on a server controlled by a company that charges to hold this data should it be called upon.

This setup has a number of conveniences, as these companies deploy teams of specialists to help store and secure this data, and remove the costs that come with hosting and uptime.

But with this convenience, there is also vulnerability. As we've learned, a hacker or a government can gain unwelcome access to your files without your knowledge, by influencing or attacking a third-party service – meaning they can steal, leak or change important information.

Brian Behlendorf, creator of the Apache Web Server, has gone so far as to label this centralized design the "original sin" of the Internet. Some like Behlendorf argue the Internet was always meant to be decentralized, and a splintered movement has sprung up around using new tools, including blockchain technology, to help achieve this goal.

Ethereum is one of the newest technologies to join this movement.

While bitcoin aims to disrupt PayPal and online banking, ethereum has the goal of using a blockchain to replace internet third parties — those that store data, transfer mortgages and keep track of complex financial instruments.

The 'World Computer'

Interesting. How would that ffect ICO's?

Great post! Check out my blog and Follow me for a Follow back!

Crypto fell due to ICO banning from China, but amazing very fast recovery and going very high, Good Future predictions!

Wow wow wow friend.. a big news is coming right! As I told you before I am ready for it! Last week PBOC drama helped me to collect more BTS and I am ready for it!
One day you might say, BTS was at $0.137702 (today coinmarketcap price) and now it up there...

Thanks for sharing such great news with us! Really appreciate your effort!


This is great news. Anything that creates the opportunity for legitimate ICOs to flourish while keeping scammy ones out, and that clears the floor for investors to participate legally and safely, is a huge win for the cryptocurrency community.

amigo #resteemia at your service

'Cryptonomex may be about to gain new superpowers that will allow it to build BitShares into the powerhouse' smell a huge plan & high uptrend on BTS soon. impressive work @stan

'UpVote ReSteem Comment'

Thanks for sharing the news, but there seems to be an exponential rise for such platforms in last two months.

@stan - A big plan for 'Cryptonomex' & it might rise not only BTS, STEEM & EOS also. Love your work Sir. Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

Yes this is true but .... Currently the situation of this currency id not good... I've loss few bitshare cryptocurrency value in cryptocurrency exchange market 1 hour before

Thank you for the update. I find this quite useful!

So in short, prices of BTS will increase!!

upvoted and shared and shared

WOW! This is such a great news Sir @stan.. This could be a very helpful too and way for all steemit users. Your idea is great and mind opening! I hope this will be done as soon as possible.. This will result to many great possibilities and outcomes!!! Keep posting.. followed and upvoted!!! :)

great info thnx

Is this a good time to buy Bitshares?


Of course! If you don't buy now, later will be higher. Follow the saying: "buy low, sell high."


Yup, thanks for double confirmation.

Wow, this is so cool @stan, I've also done trading on poloniex. :)

Good one Stan.

Nice one post

I really like your posts, maybe I'm interested in your post, I wait for your next posting

Kau benar" mirip super hero,,,, super hero ek eungkong,,

Three big hoorays for Bitshares and Cryptonomex :D

Congratulations @stan!
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Bitshares to the moon, this is green light hahaha

I don't know much about it but sure sounds very interesting. I need to do further research about this. Thanks for the info @stan! Great post!

Sounds great, thank you for the upgrade ... reposted it!!!

At least, BitShares no one can prohibit.

Thanks for the info

Nice post

Man I just downloaded this program and I am seriously thinking on investing on this, but is it really trustworthy. Also is it a good time to start investing?

great post. thank you @stan!


awsm post,i follow you

Nice one, Thanks for the update

Bitshare has a great potential, but little worried looking at it's track record that it went from 3 cents to 4th of a cent and recently from 46 cents to 10 cents in span of couple months. What would be the cause for this? Is it because of it's high Circulating Supply of 2,598,950,000 BTS? I saw some pump up and dropped right back to normal. I third of my Bitshares on it's rise and still holding the rest. I still have hope for Bitshares.


You look at it wrong - after years at 1/3 cent it is now over 10 cents. A gain of 30x in a few months. The rest is noise.

Great. Thanks for sharing. I'm starting to follow you.

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yes now bitshares gets a super hero

Thanks for the update.

upvoted and resteemed. thank you for sharing this informaton.

i have been using your bitshares DEX. and im decided to move my bts from poloniex to Bitshares DEX. im currently hold some bunch of Hero and steem inside the exchanger.

Thanks for the post Stan.
Very interesting news about CryptoNomex.
Hope your enjoying your weekend, be well.

Your post so informavite, really interested update, i need more good info from you brother

i need to get with the cryptocurrency trend
seams interesting

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Thank you for this important information.

I believe i can success. Thanks to support me back any body in here @maulanailham

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