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Chaos is coming. The regulators are about to crack down on Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). The Token Exchange Self-Regulating Body ( is trying to get ahead of this by helping the industry to clean up its act before the regulators take down half the industry.

ICOs are completely out of hand. People are raising insane sums of money by misleading newly rich crypto investors... then making off with huge chunks of the funds. Often there is nothing behind these ICOs but a kid in her parent's basement.

This could cause panic in the industry if exchanges start delisting everything out of an abundance of caution - or plain fear of being shut down by regulators.

So the TXSRB is aiming to head off this disaster by taking the following steps:

  • Working to clarify what is clearly not a security according to the Howey Test, i.e.,
    -- Did people make and investment?
    -- Is there a common enterprise?
    -- Did they expect a growth outcome?
  • Publishing a Clean Token List of coins that fit that non-security category.
  • Providing free guidance to all ICO issuers on how to clean up and pass the test.
  • Providing consulting services to clean up Toxic ICOs.
  • Eventually publishing their much longer Black List of ICO's that need to clean up and clean up fast.

The good news is that Bitcoin, BitShares and Steemit
are on the Clean Token List

This is a huge vaccination against uncertainty and delisting that could impact prices.

John Gotts and Michael Taggart did a watershed interview where they explain all this here:

The SEC's Coming Crackdown

This will both shake up and ultimately save the industry during the next three months.

Pay attention.


Stan Larimer, President
The Godfather of BitShares and the HERO

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Keep it clean: Bitcoin, Bitshares, Steem and EOS. It's all the crypto you need to diversify and grow wealth: you have the crypto equivalent of Gold, Stock Market, Facebook and Apple. What more do you need? No worries about your investment suddenly being worth zilch because the SEC shuts it down... and no worries about the SEC knocking on your door. BBSE FTW!

100% Agree. This is my portfolio!

I wish it was mine and I agree as well

Let's hope regulators will take it seriously

They won't have a choice.

I am wondering is it really a good time to invest in Bitcoin considering its price is reaching $5000 as it could mean I lose my investment if prices go down. I am new to crypto currency and really want to invest in some good concurrency. I was searching for a profitabble mining crypto currency and found about Steemit here and gave it a try today and I am really happy I chose it. I wish I knew about it earlier but you know its never too late to get started!

@shivgre it's a good time i think that's that from price correction it's too much of a bull market but bitcoin is not a stock i am a long time in bitcoin and i heard that ''bubble'' stories when it was 200$.. it will grow massive for a few more years, this is a best crypto for the next 10-20 years.. digital gold.. look what is happening with real gold..but it is under regulations of a deep state so they manipulate price few times so they can accumulate it in FED... but gold will still grow

I am glad I didn't invest last week when the prices were touching $5000 as now bitcoin price has fallen to $4189.32. I will buy some when the prices starts rising. Maybe that will help me get some profit. Upvoted and followed you for the great information @dado13btc.

bitcoin still have a lot of potential and it may touch $10000 in 2 years. As everyone said invest a amount that you can effort to lose.

@bijender hopefully yes. But yea as you said there always is risk of losing investment so I will only invest what I am ready to lose.

If you don't need to withdraw your investment soon. Then it's always time to buy bitcoin ;)

Lucas Malabarize-se

Yes and I am ready to invest and forget the investment for atleast a year. Upvoted and following you @lucasgabd.

go go go!
thanks for the support!

I think it is always a good time. Bitcoin will be the world reference coin in my opinion.

Hopeyfully yes.

Mining is a good option if you don't have to pay for electricity. If you do, find a means to make your own (there are plenty of examples on reddit for solar, wind, etc, depending on your climate). Otherwise you might just break even

Can't mine bitcoin due to unavailability of ASIC machines and waiting time of 4 to 5 months on delivery.
Upvoted and following you @jpederson96.

I got one on Prime from Amazon, but I since then returned it.
Spring Timeframe

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Ain't that right!


OF COURSE, we made that list.

We are growing strongly and reached 17mn visits on Steemit in August !

If you would like to know more metrics on Steemit =>

Honestly, I would add Dash to that list. Dash has had about the same name recognition as Bitshares if not more, it has consistent growth, and the supporters are about as strong if not stronger than EOS.

The law does? It isn't based on popularity.

Bravo captain obvious, would you like to dive your ship of information into a deeper level of analysis?

You look retarded..

Would you mind elaborating on this for a newbie.

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This is all great news. but we must also remember to diversify and watch the market like a hawk. Big government and centralized societies will always want to regulate.

The regulators is to protect the investors and entrepreneurs like you and me. Of course they have to have a baseline to implement a rules.

We just hope the ICO's are ready to justify their work, otherwise it might be a scam anyway.

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Thank you

Bitcoin is going down. I just feel it

I feel it too. Steem does a much better job than Bitcoin in many aspects. I just don't see its usefulness at all right now

I 100% agree with you. The problem is, the bigger it gets, the clunkier it becomes and the more power it needs to create bitcoins. Also, it's a confidence game. Your currency is worth money only because of the confidence it can attract. Once that goes, there is nothing to shore up the value. There are too many players in the cryptocurrency market that provide a better alternative to what Bitcoin offers for Bitcoin to continue to increase in value. Its primary function, now, is the ability to buy other cryptocurrency with it, but if Bitcoin's value sinks, other cryptocurrencies will too. It's a standard against which other cryptocurrencies have been measured, too, but they can also be measured against $US. In the recent price plummet, I notice that Ripple (XRP) barely lost value, same with Neo. These coin offerings have real life application. If Bitcoin goes down, they all will. And they'll be replaced by a newer model, that's measured against something else. Bitcoin is a currency. I seriously think the Neo model is the way forward - where the coins are shares in the business.

I agree...Bitcoin is becoming to large that sending bitcoins to another wallet takes ages. :( Kinda sad

Just provides a higher demand for mines, and a demand for miner improvements until that becomes over reaching.

Don't forget that the original founders and the investors after them are still holding onto plenty of coins to provide stronger confidence. If the bubble pops and plummets like it did during the last major update, they will likely inflate it again.

It's hard to argue with this... you can't go wrong investing in a few of the best blockchain projects and leaving it alone.

As the currencies did go down, now you should buy them to make a profit.

Have a nice day,

But what if you don't have any money left? Damn Chinese communists ruined my crypto retirement plans!

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Be a leader instead of a follower. Followers sometimes fall off cliffs when following blindly. Ha!

Very appropriate comparison categories - it works!

Actually, I think Bitshares and MPAs are so effective and less costly by orders of magnitude... I'm still trying to get my head around EOS, but again, I reckon Bitshares will facilitate that as well.

Interesting how three of the four you mention have Larimer crafting. Also, perhaps a fifth category, Pension Fund and HERO - whats not to like at 5% interest pa?

HERO as in the esports investing / betting?

Nope - HERO as in the Bitshares HERO - Market Pegged Asset created based upon the value of $1USD at the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 and appreciating in value at 5%pa, which is about $158ish in 2017 dollars. The purchasing value of one 1913 dollar is actually estimated at around $0.02 today. The HERO is a interesting proposition for ppl that'd love 5%pa - guaranteed and collateralised by a 2:1 BTS ratio - anyway, lots of youtube and Steem advice about the HERO - see @stan. You can also short the HERO into existence. Cheers

How can we compare EOS to apple? Got curious about it...

Lucas Malabarize-se

Except Steem isn't Facebook or even Facebookesque. It is more like reddit or blogger or maybe Wordpressesque.

celebrate ur $9 comment with a profile pic

dude why would you invest 3/4 of your portfolio in vapour, i mean steem and bitshares are borderline ponzi., and EOS hasnt even been built..

I agree. All cryptos are vapourware when the lousy gov says they are illegal. Look at what the damn chinese communists did with their ICO ban.

ino bro, neo cost me big hahah, fukin commys cant have people make there own choices now can we

Please explain how Bitshares is a borderline Ponzi?

If no one used it, it would be worthless? I don't know.


Anything that pays dividends or interest.

Who on earth would buy shares in a company.. and not earn a share of the profit?

Would a banker.. buy 1 billion worth of stock of another bank.. and earn no shares of the profit?

He would simply sit on those shares.. until another person came along and gave him 2 billion?

Thats why all these shit coins failed.

These ICO's have given us the chance to invest into start up businesses online.

That is where the real power is at, imo.

I think all this means now.. is we will have alot less scams.. sounds good to me.

Its true you must be diversified to survive.

What about EOS?

I asked TXSRB to evaluate it. That one should pass easily under the "fat protocol" category, and for other more sophisticated reasons. Waiting is.

Ok cool. Thanks for getting back to me. And thanks for the upvote!

dan will leave that one just like every other project hes ever worked on

Glad to see someone putting something like this together. There really have been a ton of scammy ICO's as of late and it's been a bit disheartening. I'm still amazed there are some well known scam coins that are in the top 50 of MarketCap. Blows my mind how they can maintain.

That's good to hear. Bitcoin & Steemit are the only ones I trust. is the #1 Cryptocurrency Exchange!

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Keep your portfolios clean kids !

Great news, yet not surprised! I really look forward to BitShares, EOS, HERO, Steem and company getting the recognition they really deserve. Thanks for sharing this information with us all, more leverage to advertise and promote the real trustworthy cryptos! ;)

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

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This is good news. I think it is also good for the industry that there is going to be regulatory pressure in the US and China for future ICOs to clean up their act and it will make fraudulent ones think twice about trying to launch

You forget GOLOS. How could you?

TOday i heard that there are clean and dirty btc, depending on the past transactions

Bitcoin ETF Trading 100% Higher Than Bitcoin

Thanks for sharing. This is unbelievable important, because if we don't do anything - this might get out of hand and people who had nothing to do with crypto and ico's might stay away... because they think it is all just a scam!

I just listened to a great podcast with John Gotts of The link to the podcast is: or or

Really gave me a much better understanding of what is going on and how we can work to get ahead of it.

Of course, it's great news that Steem, Bitshares, and Bitcoin are already leading the pack.

I've read in several ICO's that I've been involved with recently that they are asking you for passport documents etc. I think they are all much more likely to be legit.

Finally, I see it! Thanks God!

The good news is that Bitcoin, BitShares and Steemit are on the Clean Token List

That's not just good news, but huge important news. I really like that... It means these tokens are going to continue to be popular for the same reasons they are on the clean list.

Thank you for verifying it.

Exactly that! :)

Already own their millionth of supply but want more ;)


Good to know steemit itself

Good read. Will look more into the list and will take note in the future if I'd contribute to a token, I'll check the list to see if they are TXSRB verified.

That podcast was a huge eye opener :)

This really is good news. Making the clean list is a great boost of validation.

In this lobby, will there be T.P.? For my bunghole?

Good to know its.


as soon as Cryptos are sucking out too much capital, they're going to crack down on the entire thing anyway. The IMF is planning a global electronic currency for all central banks anyway and then they' simply gonna create a monopoly for that. Here's an interesting read about the IMF plans, that look like they're going to start the thing in 2018.. My money is on a transaction tax for Cryptos, which will kill them off and makes sure, only the fiat coin will be used.

God I hate the elites..

nice link about IMF dude.... I always had this feeling that Gov is having whole teams working on, how to shut down Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Or at least make them illegal....

Makes sense this will happen eventually and glad there will be reliable lists to guide people.
Glad to see bitcoin and steem on the

We should make EOS on the list.

Hope it passes muster!

I hope this regulators will not control all icos and cryptocurrency and we still will be decentralised and not controlled by governments.

can you imagine what would happen if they shut down, at least one successful ICO?! That would spread chaos across the whole crypto ecosystem.... some investors would start panic.

I'm a little worried, but we hope everything is fine

They wouldnt want the normal slave , to be able to invest in companys now and make money would they, big fucking brother always has to get involved, always for the "peoples best intrests"

exactly... they can't afford people to make money too easily.


The link you shared for the 'clear token list,' does not show the list, but a notice that they would post toxicoin list on 14th sept. I don't get it.

They want to give everyone enough time to clean up before embarrassing anybody. It's not that hard with so much at stake.

ok, I am waiting for 14th to see which ones are there on the list. Thanks for the info.

great sharing....thanks for the info....resteem and upvote


Controlling ICO is a good thing! This market is totally messed up by those fake pulse ICOs in last few months! So, I like what SEC is doing on them! And I don't think it will affect on BTC, BTS, STEEM, LTC and few other stable crptos. Thank you very much for sharing such useful information with us!

Really appreciate your effort and I wish to take this as an opportunity to say "BitShares - next BitCoin is at $0.14992 right now. So, don't miss this opportunity"!


Truth revealed decades ago on popular tv show:!/v/ragetester/6xicf9st
Spread the word, save the world!
Feed the government! Or was I looking for a different f word?

I checked out the site and these were the ones that claimed to be safe,
I also like that litecoin and zcash are on that list.
This should put more influence into steem and the other safe coins. thanks for sharing!!

Bankcoin Global
Bitcoin Cash
Lumens (Stellar)

Ethereum Classic

Factoid (Factom)

dooooooooge got to love the doge !!!

why hasnt doge coin died yet lol.. the creator already ran off with heeps of peoples money..

probably because its got a cult following and its fun not to be taken to seriously

I mean some sort of brakes on this wild runaway ICO train is long over due...hopefully with a little more structure we will see some coins in the future with real use other simply pump before the dump.

@stan i think this will save EOS and BTC from big dumpings by shitcoin ICOs

Successful topic.
Well done ✅

I am very excited to see this after watching Lawsky preach regulation from the pulpit then leave his gov job and start a Bitcoin consulting agency. Crony. We do need to self regulate, however this list is a little misleading. I get why the tokens are deemed "clean" but these coins have already ICO'd. It doesn't really address high risk vs low risk ICO's. Perhaps a weighted system is need as well as previous ICO and exit success. This is also why I basically invest in anything @ccedk ICO's on the exchange.

Great post, good to know where to put your cheese in

Great news, thanks for sharing Stan!

And thanks @steemuwe for resteeming so I could see this :)

The majority of investors recommendations are saying to hold Bitcoin at 30% and Gold/precious metals at 30% with Cash (US dollar) at about 20% (and not in Centralized Banks) in these tumultuous times where the ground could fall out beneath the stock market People are hedging their bets to bank on the coming collapse. Buy Food and Water too, ya can't eat gold

Thank you for the article definite up-vote! While I am a firm believer in less Government and Government rules I do believe there is a great deal of fraud that is going on by dishonest people in the crytoverse at the moment and there needs to be regulation. That being said it is a double edged sword anything the Government gets into will eventually regulate/tax into oblivion so fingers crossed there will be some true middle ground on this subject.

Hello, I have read your article, what I notice is, that everyone is talking about bitcoin, which is good, but what about the other coins? like ripple for example? anyway, I am a begginner with crypto, and I am looking for a coin to invest (besides Bitcoin), any advices with what should I start? I want to invest somewhere between 100-200 $ for now ...

I would love it when bitcoin beats all the odds and becomes over $100,000 per btc...

Some times regulation can be good but we have to alway be very careful. You do not want too much redtape and no protection for the general public can also cause problem in the future.

Why is ripple (xrp) not on the list??

No surprise to me. I commented last week that when people begin to make money outside the traditional government regulated systems they will intervene and regulate it if for no other reason than to get a piece of it in taxes or some other means.

In the long run the regulation of ICO's is a good thing, neo going to the moon...

Amazing. . I like it, thankyou for sharing @stan. 👏👏👏

What about jurisdiction? Once I remember having a problem with one of my website and asking for an insvetigation from SEC and they told me they could not do anything because the owners were in England. I lost $25,000 and they did not do anything.

Very good post, I was not aware that this organisation exists.

I think self regulation is a great way to prevent harsh government interceptions. Currently, the government's cannot really do anything about ICOs, because they don't really understand them and are slow to adapt. But we cannot let them take them all away, they helped and still help to create wonderful projects that actually work (like Ethereum).

It is great to know that an non-governmental organ is helping to get ICOs on the clean side of things and prevent them from being banned all together.

great info....deserve upvote and resteem

Bitcoin is going very faster high and will continue in next days but problem is that when something going very faster high, the end of its life started so keep watching the crypto market who have lot of bitcoins or other cryptocurrency to not down in lose. Tks

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very thanks for this beautiful post 👍


Let's stop letting governments overregulation ICO'S, this sucks because they will just ruin the opportunities of investment by high taxes but at the same time a little bit of regulation is needed as there are a lot of schemes like Controlled Finance... I am glad the community is noticing a lot of things that may happen in the future with cryptocurrencies! :)

this is a very intesting post

Every time i open up my Facebook feed it shows tons of ICO's. Each time is a new one, never repeating. It is insane. You can check out coingecko's ICO tracker. There are tons and more appear each day. In fact, i think most of the ICO's are just a simple website with nothing behind them. There are some legit ones, but you can clearly see a trend here...

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is like IPO (Initial Price Offering) in Wall Street. As of matter of fact, I think they got the idea from Wall Street. The difference between both is just one: when Wall Street offers an IPO, they sellect the people, who usually are rich people. When an ICO is offered online anybody can participate if they believe in the project and get to know of it. So, for you not to be a victim of a scam, you need to do your own investigation and decision. If SEC tries to investigate each ICO, I can see them working hard, which is not precisely what they have been doing in the past. I believe more that there were some complaints and they will be investigating them. SEC wants people to go through them, and there are many people who think they should not go through them. So, this is a battle. If I am in USA, I will try to go through them. But if I am in another country, let's say Cuba creating an ICO for my country, I don't have to go through them, and they cannot investigate me. The same will be with Russia and other countries.

if a regulator was needed. which allows investors to be guided, with confidence, and not just more scam

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'BitShares' in clean list <3. useful information @stan

'UpVote ReSteem Comment'

The scammers in this market is TOO DAMN HIGH!

Great. Thanks for sharing. I vote for you and begin to follow you. And Resteemed...

Interesting information!

that is very important new for us because my favorite coin Steemit Make the TXSRB Clean Token List.

cool post, I like this post very steady

This is a great idea. Reminds me a bit of the vaping industry. Those who managed to get ahead of the regulations and begin to self regulate are the companies still in business and continuing to prosper dispite the new regulations. Have an external party that is helping verify coins with a good "bill of health" will be a powerful tool for preparation efforts.

Great Post Stan. The Integrated Engineering Blockchain Consortium has been approached by several ICO seeking endorsement. We measure a coin based on intrinsic value according to engineering standards. This is Novel. We would like to know more about the TXSRB. Let me know how we can help.

Thank you for this good information

We use the coin to feel free from everyone and we need to clean our community so that it gives us fruitful result in future. :-) Namaste