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in #bitshares5 years ago (edited)

We've rounded the first corner of the Bermuda Triangle sailing in and out of Bermuda.

We've got a BEOS node up and running logging ships position and color coding based on when we're in international waters.

Now we're on the down hill run to Nassau, Bahamas.

You can track our progress here...

Nassau and Coco Cay

Back into New York harbor

Grand Overview


Whoo Hoo! Go jurisdictional agility!! I think this is such an incredible way to show the power and uniqueness of what BEOS can do.

good luck guys !


Nice to see these ocean maps again, and all the white and red dots...

Especially the white ones! ;)

Thanks for "steeming on" with the BEOS project. :D



thats quite cool !

Congratulation @stan for the second phase of testing. Looks good.

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