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What is the BitShares UI worker?

The BitShares Blockchain supports the creation of on-chain workers that all BTS holders can vote on. A worker pays out a its defined daily BTS rate when it is voted active (see Proposed/Active tabs in the UI).

The BitShares UI worker is escrowed by the BitShares Blockchain Foundation and its funding status can be viewed here. The UI worker is a prime example of a decentralized worker that requires community feedback (beauty and curse). There is no fixed team besides Bill Butler (Manager), Startail (Issue review) and Sigve (Code review, I am currently doing that in Sigve's absence). The UI worker is structured primarily over GitHub issues that are driven by the community. This allows the worker to move the UI in the exact direction the community wants it to go, with the downside of the lack of a centralized lead that enforces a roadmap (i.e. which issues must be worked on). Any developer can pick up issues and contribute which allows the worker to be very flexible.

The UI worker is currently inactive.

What was the critic to the worker?

While the flexibility of the UI worker with its payment through GitHub bounties allows the whole community the contribute, it also brings the problems of possible regression through various developpers using different styles. Up until recently there was a lack of integration testing which can lead to regression (i.e. already functioning parts break through updates somewhere else). The reference wallet has a massive abundance of features built-in, and testing it all in one go is no easy task. That is why we have introduced explicit and mandatory integration testing for release candidates before every release. See the last two:

The UI worker needs your vote!

If you like the progress in the latest releases, please check your voting slates and consider to support the UI worker

201808-bitshares-ui, id 1.14.112

Please replace youraccountname with your account name to vote here:

Refined Release candidate

We also like to take this post to announce that the latest BitShares UI release candidate has been refined. Issues found through the integration testing have been resolved and a new candidate released: Version 20181212-rc5. It is staged onto

Release notes for this candidate as well as binaries for a local install can be found at

A total of 18 issues have been resolved through integration testing, they can also be found in the release notes.

Best regards,
The BitShares UI team


I fully support this worker proposal. Nobody should be voting for refund workers, we need to be productive whilst others stagnate during the bear market 👌

nice post..i like your post..

To visualize how much issues that have been created, addressed and closed by the team since the community started funding the worker of Bitshares-UI.

We appreciate the support from the community to be able to do this work, and to continue enhancing the UI.

Repository activity for the last month.


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