BitShares UI release - 20180815

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Dear BitShares community,

the latest BitShares UI release has been published (was staged last week). Due to holidays there was no release candidate announcement. Version 20180815 is now live at

Release notes for this candidate as well as binaries for a local install can be found at

This release contains mostly under the hood improvements. Among many other bugfixes are:

  • Account history export has now access to full history independent of the connected node (utilizing the elastic search plugin, courtesy of BitShares Europe until the deployment from the infrastructure worker is complete). This allows to create a .csv report that can be used for Please find more details here
  • Dashboard (Starred/Featured Markets) is now split up to display it per selected base

History and discussion of this and past release candidates are also found in the forum

Best regards,
The BitShares UI team


Great changes, keep up the great work @sschiessl !

One tip though - always include at least a small thumbnail in the body of you steemit posts, so that your post has a thumbnail in the post feed - improving discoverability of your post 👍

I using,and this new version is total shit.
Search for markets won't work,i can't find many markets to trade..
im so pissed off....

Having some problems with the new release, too.

Client releases every month is better with good testing, than releasing every two week a buggy version.

Which link are you using? Please try and login there or you can also try pre-production aint working either.i can't search for CNY markets,i must type them under trading pairs,and that takes forever.many markets are doubled under's all turned upside down.try to search for example,any escodex assets,how many will you find?2.How many are there?probably more than 30.

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