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RE: Sahkan-Bitshares Witness Update

in #bitshares4 years ago

In your Bitshares client click on your name (top right) then clock on Voting. You can vote for my witness under the witness tab. If you use a proxy (name will be in the top left proxy box, give me the name of the proxy so I can verify the vote. Thanks!


Since came back online I was able to verify that you are not voting for my witness atm. You need to go to the Voting screen and toggle the voting check-mark next to my witness sahkan-bitshares and post here so I can verify. Thanks!

im trying.its not easy as a newbie. what is a witness? is it a fulltime job?

hi sahkan are you there? i wanted vote but how,i had to confirm transaction for voting?

I see you set me as a proxy. That will work too. Thanks! Will get your BTS shortly! 4 of 10. Only 2 days left for this giveaway.

ok thx ill take a look

hi sahkan can i get BTS for this account too? i can vote with this too yuusuf81. i tried to set you here also as proxy but i havent here bts.can u send me the reward asap.thx

The giveaway was running through 31 JAN. I might do it again soon.

i made the transaction. can i get bts for voting? im guisepppe81.thanx