Sahkan-Bitshares Witness Update

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I did it! Switched to Steem for my updates that is...

2017 has been a tremendous growth year for Bitcoin and all Alt coins, and even though we put a lot of work into Bitshares I think this is just the beginning of things to come on the DEX. We continue to break record transactions on Steem, Bitshares, Bitcoin and Ethereum but as the last 2 are at the breaking point (maxing out) the first 2 are just getting started. We continue to add to the DEX infrastructure and provide additional Full nodes for Light Bitshares Client connections. Until recently I was running the only API server in USA but with the new infrastructure worker and couple of witnesses adding full nodes we now have a very strong Full node presence in the USA. You can look at the below list and manually add any access points that you might be missing:


I have added my latest Full node server in Los Angeles:

Server specs: E5-1650v3 - 128GB RAM - 2 x 512GB SSD - 1GBit Uplink - DDoS Protection

The server is on the Psychz APLLR network to provide low latency to Asia and across USA.

The Dev team continues to roll out upgrades to the Bitshares Core and GUI. Both of my full nodes are running the latest versions and the DEX access UI at is running the latest 171219 (I added couple of access points to it). Both nodes are now averaging about 500 simultaneous connections each.

And now for my...

I am giving away 1000BTS total with 100BTS going to the first 10 of my supporters.

  1. You have voted for my witness: sahkan-bitshares and kept your vote through at least 31 January 2018.
  2. Giveaway runs through 31 JAN 2018
  3. Be one of my first 10 supporters to post below: "I'LL TAKE THE 100BTS!" and either post your Bitshares account or PM me your BTS account name. (10 unique users x 100BTS)
  4. I will send your BTS sometime before 31 JAN 18.
  5. If you are using a Proxy and the Proxy is voting on my witness you are eligible! If you got some BTS in previous giveaways you are eligible! If you are a proxy voting for me you are also eligible!
  6. :) Merry Christmas Everyone!

and thank you for your continued trust and support - Sahkan


my bts name:

Done! 1 of 10

BTS user: zapata42
Merry Christmas!

Done! 2 of 10

BTS user: garc33

Done! 3 of 10, Happy New Year!

hey sahkan good job! I'LL TAKE THE 100BTS! im a newbie. have no clue how to get a witness. can u explain us in a easy beasy way? step by step?

thank you and greetings from Vienna!

u r welcome there!

PS. oh i forgot my nickname in BTS exchange: guisepppe81 (with 3 p)

In your Bitshares client click on your name (top right) then clock on Voting. You can vote for my witness under the witness tab. If you use a proxy (name will be in the top left proxy box, give me the name of the proxy so I can verify the vote. Thanks!

Since came back online I was able to verify that you are not voting for my witness atm. You need to go to the Voting screen and toggle the voting check-mark next to my witness sahkan-bitshares and post here so I can verify. Thanks!

im trying.its not easy as a newbie. what is a witness? is it a fulltime job?

hi sahkan are you there? i wanted vote but how,i had to confirm transaction for voting?

I see you set me as a proxy. That will work too. Thanks! Will get your BTS shortly! 4 of 10. Only 2 days left for this giveaway.

ok thx ill take a look

hi sahkan can i get BTS for this account too? i can vote with this too yuusuf81. i tried to set you here also as proxy but i havent here bts.can u send me the reward asap.thx

The giveaway was running through 31 JAN. I might do it again soon.

i made the transaction. can i get bts for voting? im guisepppe81.thanx

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