If you can read Chinese, you may go to or to get the latest news and tutorials about Bitshares. Also, I published a lot of articles on steemit to introduc Bitshares. Welcome to follow me.

Followed. :-)

I follow you both guys!

Wonderful setup. Thank you so much for this great article. You rock!

Nice rok. I know that Stan also writes his view on the history of bitshares right here on steemit

Another great article rok thank you for the resources.

What do you know about bitshares witnesses? It's basically a node right? How does one become a witness?

I honestly can't answer that, as I really don't know much at all about how witnesses and the more technical aspects of blockchains like that work. I've been more focused on front end potentials of business applications and overviews than back end details.

Yeah, as a newbie there's a lot to learn. Thanks for all this info & resources.

You're welcome. Yep, ALOT to learn... Seems there's some serious depth to Bitshares - and that's not even scratching the surface of some of the projects being built out on the network - the top crossing my attention being:

PeerPlays for the online gaming industry
Muse / PeerTracks for the music industry
Bitland for land title registry in Africa
BlockPay for crypto merchant payment processing

Thank you for putting all this together. It's an invaluable Bitshares learning resource.

Your welcome.

I'm sure there's a ton more out there, though this is definitely a great starting/entry point with the best I've come across so far that aren't too difficult to digest...

Great article thanks for sharing this .

Thanks for doing this, myself I have been involved on and off but still need guidance on how to use this platform, I have been trying to work out what's missing for new artists so my interest and something that I have followed has been the peer project, as it goes in someway to solve the problem, I would like to provide a bit of the space in order to provide radio play and music encryption with the rights holders, on top of this provide a training space and recording studio that will help in the recording of music for poeple who could not afford the use of such space.

Your welcome.

Given my own musical background, I'm particularly interested to learn more about PeerTracks/Muse. Seems that and Ujo/Blokur are the only real music-related blockchain projects out there with any traction - plus Tao Network, though that seems in very early stages.

Huge potentials. Totally in its infancy...

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