What You Need To Know About Bitshares: A Newbie’s Map To Navigating The Platform, Tech, And Community...

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When I first got on Steemit, I didn’t know much at all about Bitshares.

I did quickly learn it was the previous project of Steemit founder, Dan Larimer. Perhaps it was just because I’d still been fairly fresh into the cryptocurrency scene and had ALOT to catch up on - though it wasn’t clear what exactly Bitshares was. I’d heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a bunch of other projects - but it seemed like there was a depth to Bitshares that confused me more than drew me in to learn more.

However, within my first few weeks on Steemit, it became clear that Bitshares was a more significant project than I had initially given credit to.

The deeper I dug, it was revealed that there are a fair amount of people on Steemit who have been active in the Bitshares community for some time. And while I was still confused as to whether it was just another blockchain comparable to Ethereum or what, I could feel the buzz - sensing it was something I really ought to learn more about if I was serious about serving this community the best I can and creating awesome opportunities in the blockchain game.

All in perfect timing, perhaps, I came across two excellent articles on here that nudged me further towards diving down the rabbit hole:

"Why you should begin to look at Bitshares, Steemits' older brother"

"Bitshares - Primed for Success - Technical and Fundamental Analysis"

And what else follows here, is the best available resources I've come across to share with anyone else wanting to learn more about Bitshares - a platform, technology, digital assets exchange, and community that may be well-worth discovering, if you haven't yet...

@steempower is one user here on Steemit who seems to be consistently releasing excellent Bitshares-focused content that’d be wise to follow for updates. These two articles of his are also worth diving into for a more in-depth look at the history and venture dynamics:

"Vesting Bitshares in Short Supply - Social Contract Near Completion - The History and The End Of An Era"

"Bitshares - State Of The Network - 11th Sept 2016"

One other user who’s been deeply involved in the Bitshares world for a while, and has a great collection of “The Origins Of Bitshares" posts on his blog that would be an excellent source of info:


You might not know it at first glance, but @stan is actually none other than Stan Larimer - Steemit & Bitshares’ founder, @dan’s father - and president of Cryptonomex. For a great bit of history on that dynamic, in addition to @stan’s blog itself, I’d recommend reading the excellent Forbes’ article,

"Meet Cryptonomex's Dan Larimer And His 'Four Horsemen' Of Crypto-Economics"

For those who might prefer learning by watching & listening over reading...

There’s a TON of YouTube videos out there on Bitshares. Though the most straightforward, complete overview I’ve come across that sums everything up clearly and concisely, that I’d recommend watching, is this one:

#1 How BitShares Will Massively Grow Bitcoin And Make It More Secure

And another good one, coming from a different perspective - and a lot shorter, at only 6 minutes, for those with limited attention spans:

For great reading material:

Bitshares 101 ebook written by Max Wright

I'd recommend this as the starting point, given its excellent composition as a "101" guide, it brilliantly introduces Bitshares in a great, simplified, easily-accessible way.

While the extent of Bitshares' ecosystem, developments, technical aspects, and dynamics between the, all is somewhat complex, Wright does an excellent job in this free 34 page ebook of guiding readers through the basics of it all to generate great clarity for anyone from seasoned vets in the crypt scene all the way to complete newbies to the blockchain.

There’s also a Bitshares 101 video series available on YouTube done by Max Wright for those who’d rather watch the author go through the content - which does bring a whole different dimension of passion to the topic.

And one other great written source worth looking at:

The History Of Bitshares

And last but not least... for those who’d really like to dive in to catch up on the history and community developments, there’d probably be no better place to go than:

The Bitshares Official Forum

So there you have it.

Diving into all this will by no means be a quick undertaking; but for anyone interested in learning more about the Bitshares community, platform, and technology - these resources should get you going in the right direction...

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If you can read Chinese, you may go to www.btsabc.org or www.hellobts.com to get the latest news and tutorials about Bitshares. Also, I published a lot of articles on steemit to introduc Bitshares. Welcome to follow me.


Followed. :-)


I follow you both guys!

Wonderful setup. Thank you so much for this great article. You rock!

Thank you for putting all this together. It's an invaluable Bitshares learning resource.


Your welcome.

I'm sure there's a ton more out there, though this is definitely a great starting/entry point with the best I've come across so far that aren't too difficult to digest...

Nice rok. I know that Stan also writes his view on the history of bitshares right here on steemit

Another great article rok thank you for the resources.

What do you know about bitshares witnesses? It's basically a node right? How does one become a witness?


I honestly can't answer that, as I really don't know much at all about how witnesses and the more technical aspects of blockchains like that work. I've been more focused on front end potentials of business applications and overviews than back end details.

Yeah, as a newbie there's a lot to learn. Thanks for all this info & resources.


You're welcome. Yep, ALOT to learn... Seems there's some serious depth to Bitshares - and that's not even scratching the surface of some of the projects being built out on the network - the top crossing my attention being:

PeerPlays for the online gaming industry
Muse / PeerTracks for the music industry
Bitland for land title registry in Africa
BlockPay for crypto merchant payment processing

Great stuff big help!

Great article thanks for sharing this .

Thanks for doing this, myself I have been involved on and off but still need guidance on how to use this platform, I have been trying to work out what's missing for new artists so my interest and something that I have followed has been the peer project, as it goes in someway to solve the problem, I would like to provide a bit of the space in order to provide radio play and music encryption with the rights holders, on top of this provide a training space and recording studio that will help in the recording of music for poeple who could not afford the use of such space.


Your welcome.

Given my own musical background, I'm particularly interested to learn more about PeerTracks/Muse. Seems that and Ujo/Blokur are the only real music-related blockchain projects out there with any traction - plus Tao Network, though that seems in very early stages.

Huge potentials. Totally in its infancy...

@rok-sivante nice write up :) glad your getting excited and your not wrong about the learning curve. Bitshares is a platform which has many facets to it but it is to powerful of a platform to ignore. The Bithsares community would be honoured to have someone of you caliber join its halls. If you want to jump right in the action i recommend checking out tbe mumble sessions hosted by beyondbitcoin's @officialfuzzy every friday. There is one starting in 1 hour and 20 minutes. Check out @officialfuzzy latest post in regards to how to get online. Thanks for the mention mate :)


@steempower always in the news


Wow! This is such a great article, thank you! I've been looking for some BTS info to understand it and this one has been the best so far. Learned a few cool extra things on the way as well. Thanks :)


Your welcome. :-)

You are right.

This BTS post is a good bunch of info.

I have taken the time to bookmark this into my drafts area, to come back to and refer to.

How many great resources can you stuff into one nice post for the confused and learning BTS user?


Well done as always and a thank you for this. I am continuing to learn, it is confusing to me, just like you admitted early in your post also.

-- so much to learn with BTS, it is overwhelming and sometimes intimidating, I know for a fact, to people.

Thanks man.

I actually edited my eos/BTS post earlier I msgd you about and put this in and tagged you as the resource.


considering this one is a year old already, I'm sure there are tons of updates that could form an entirely new one. (Though I haven't been really keeping tabs).

Nonetheless, this is the best compilation of info I could find as a newbie looking to figure out what it was all about, and probably still stands as a good introduction...


Thank you very much brother for her kindness ... so I see very surprised because I was the new ... I very berharab for her kindness brother to be more successful the future ...
Good luck.....