Support Bitshares on Israeli version of Coinbase / 支持以色列版Coinbase的Bitshares

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Hello Bitshares supporters!

As you all probably know, Bitshares is in need for fiat on/off ramp.

There is an Israeli website,
that allows buying bitcoin and ethereum with fiat money and is the most popular service in the country.

I just found out that they are conducting a poll on which crypto to add next.
Here in Israel everyone is crazy about ethereum and nobody knows anything about other platforms outside of top 10 on coinmarketcap.

Please support Bitshares on this website by going to this link:

You will see the following page:


And then click on the green "reply" button on the bottom of the black pop-up survey. There you will be able to choose "other" from the list and type in "Bitshares" manually, because it is not listed in the available options.

If you don't see the pop-up survey, try opening the website in "incognito mode" in google chrome - that worked for me both on desktop and on mobile.

If we succeed at voting it in, this will help Bitshares a lot by giving it a great deal of exposure here in Israel. This country has loads of great coders/programmers/bitcoin investors/really talented people, right now they are all focused on ethereum. This listing will definitely draw some attention from these folks and contribute to Bitshares' worldwide adoption.

It will take less than two minutes of your time, so go on and do it right now because I don't know how much longer this survey will continue.

We are a great an powerful community, let's show our true strength!

Please resteem this post or make your own about this, we need to spread the word as much as we can.

Thank you and have a great day!









如果您没有看到弹出式调查,请尝试在谷歌浏览器中以“隐身模式”打开网站 - 这在桌面和移动设备上都适用于我。






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I voted. I'm as a participant of the Bankera ICO campaign alaways ask them about bts to be added in their wallet.

It would be so nice for bitshares. Upvoted this post and resteemed :)

This would be huge for bitshares. I think the importance of "the ramps from fiat to crypto" is often overlooked because you do not realize how restrictive the access to crypto can be. The recent restrictive actions by both banks and credit cards has made this all the more crucial for new investors.


Aside from the importance of the fiat on/off ramp, this addition will send a clear message to the whole crypto community in the country that Bitshares is a real deal. You can see this service only has two coins listed, BTC and ETH - if BTS will get its place there, a lot of people would be interested to discover what it is.

No survey popped up, tried to open a few pages but nothing.


I had to turn off my ad/popup blocker and reload to get it to show up.


Maybe that's why it works in incognito - it disables adblock


Try opening it in incognito mode in Chrome, I just tried that on my computer and it worked. On mobile it worked in normal browsing mode too, but only once


Nope. nothing.


That is really weird, I see it right now


If you can, please resteem this post or make your own, we need as many people as possible for this
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I like this post, my friend, and I will say that it's that's cool

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Please follow the instructions and vote for Bitshares, we need as much people as possible