Autonio Market Maker Is Now Streaming LIVE!

in bitshares •  2 years ago 

Hey guys,

Wanna watch Autonio Market Maker placing "buy" and "sell" orders on Bitshares DEX autonomously, and of course, making profits?

Here's the live stream on Autonio traders channel:

For more information, please visit

Join our community on Telegram:

Trade #NIO at following exchanges: (USD & BTC) (ETH) (ETH) (BTC)
Nebula Exchange
Chinese CEX FUBT

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OMG it's just magic!! Another 2 BTC in 5 minutes. At 732.11

This is awesome team Autonio

Looks like it started around 721 BTC and now it is at 725.15 BTC. That's about 0.55% in 3 hours. If it keeps going at the same pace we are talking in excess of 4% over a day plus the volume it turns around. That's indeed incredible.
Two Thumbs up 😀

It's at 730.79 BTC!!

Missed it. It's offline :(

The live stream is offline now :(

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