Graphene client v0.2 released: an Erlang/Elixir websockets client library for Bitshares and Graphene 2.0

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This release includes code and tests for methods related to Graphene balances and accounts database API.

Repo and package


The following utility functions, tests and docs were added to the Graphene package:

  • get_account_by_name
  • get_account_references
  • lookup_account_names
  • lookup_accounts
  • get_account_count
  • get_account_balances
  • get_named_account_balances
  • get_balance_objects
  • get_vested_balances
  • get_vesting_balances


The main module function is will automatically generate an unique id for a WS request, send a JSONRPC call to the graphene node, handle response and return a success tuple {:ok, result} or {:error, reason}
All utility functions can be found at hexdocs

About Elixir

Elixir is a functional programming language with superior concurrency primitives, distributed computation and fault tolerance capabilities based on Erlang/OTP.
Personally, I am really happy with my bet on Elixir to build cryptotokens related apps and strongly recommend every developer to try it.

Learning resources:


  • Next: assets and feeds
  • More utility functions
  • Implement subscriptions
  • Investigate PubSub implementations
  • More tests and docs

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