The meaning revealed!

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Following a trip to visit us here in Greece


accompanied by his partner in ryme

the inimitable @michaelx


heavily influenced by Apostle Paul and Old Corinth,



rocket scientist extraordinaire @stan, Stan Larimer

"Godfather of bitshares"


began giving a series of clues

in his Telegram channel


Concerning the future of BitShares


and its relationship to EOS,

his son @bytemaster's newest magnum opus.


These clues were, perhaps purposively, enigmatic,

with metaphors bubbling up naturally from

@stan's deep faith and love of the Bible.


But now @stan has decided to reveal

the meaning of his clues

to those who have ears to hear :-)

Crypto Connie with Stan's Clues! 1-35

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@steem-sammiam @michaelx and @onceuponatime dancing greek "syrtaki"!!! 😊


This looks like a dabke line to me?!? ;) Namaste :)

Great memories! And you will see what we're cooking up together in Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, and Ireland in the next few weeks.


you two are coming here or have already been here?


Where is "here"?


The Netherlands :)

I saw a photography with the God Father and the Big Father of BTS with another guy! (I don't recall his name sorry for that)
Decentralization is not a myth anymore! You forgot one thing, BTS has a great relationship with STEEM too :P So STEEM, BTS, EOS those are the futures of decentralization world!


You are such a compelling story teller (and I believe a strong image maker too)!


And you are liquid (and sometimes crystal) sunshine!

Really very beautiful country and I love this country. I want more photos of beautiful place. Please sir,share more photo. My simple photowork for you

Wow! It looks like a great meeting in a great place! I absolutely have to visit the Greece the next year, I have some old photos of my grand-father who was there after the '40 (he had a love story there ^_^) and it could be a nice way to remember him ;)


Don't forget to listen to the video if you think you have "ears to hear"!

Skip Athens and Thessaloniki, everywhere else is beautiful in Greece. Generally as a Greek I prefer islands to mainland. Better climate, not so hot in summer and milder during winter. my top 10 islands: CRETE, CORFU, AMORGOS, NAXOS, MILOS, RHODES, SAMOS, PAXOS, LEFKADA, FOLEGANDROS. But I am sure there are lot of beautiful islands that I haven't visited yet: kefalonia, Zakinthos, kalymnos, karpathos, kythira...etc

Exciting times rising for us all, thanks for the heads-up! Some photos for history sake, really worth keeping.

Namaste :)

You look like my father and I am sure you are just about the age of my father.


What a good looking guy your father must be!!!!


Yeah you are correct.

Yay for fun adventures @onceuponatime !
You look awesome, I'm so happy to see :)


Well then, it's another good day when I can make you happy :)

Really lovely place and lovely photographs! Very strange to see you and @stan, looking same both of you, same hair, same smile, is he your brother?


Aren't we all brothers? (except those of you who are sisters of course LoL)

That disclaimer is too good. I'm gonna sit down later and watch the video in full, when I'm not surrounded by 3 of my 7 room mates. Looks like a fun trip!!


3 and 7 are important numbers :-)


The God Head and Creation. But what about the eigth day?


On the eighth day the re-writes began :-)


Well actually I was thinking about it that way, but that's a good way to describe Sunday.

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Greece is a beautiful country and people too ! Great trip sir


Yes it is and they are! Thank you.

May you find spiritual blessing in your trip to Greece. Yeah I think they are the bitshare brothers. Lol


Next to the Blues Brothers, the bitshares brothers are the coolest!

Wonderful photos and great information!!!

That day we had a very nice day at Monastiraki. :))))


It is easy to have nice days in Greece!


Yes, also you need good friends!!! And you have... :)

Who else is thinking that @stan and @onceuponatime are looking twins brother in this photograph ?? Seriously too much resemblance :P :D

By the way it shows father of bitshares and steem are enjoying some crypto-trip to share something big ;)

Greece is a beautiful place to visit and if you have crypto lovers, It become more pleasant.

Greece's summer trip is very beautiful
I wish you the best times
Really beautiful pictures my friend

Wao very wonderful places,All of you looks so young and beautiful,All of you so enjoying your trip,Life is nothing without friends,thanks for sharing this great post,

Nice to see you two together... Is this tour of yours is crypto sponsored???

Smart bro! enjoy traveling!

Best Buddies Together Looking great.

Blockchain and bitshares are the revolutions and both are decentralized.

Very good looking bro . great friends with travel. I love greece. In my opinion greece is one of the most beautiful kountries in the world

You are looking younger mate ;)
have a good day and trip.

Wow! so cool! Enjoy and have fun Sir! While waiting for Crypto at the end of the year, hopefully reap success like last year.

Most memorable photos with bitshares brothers in Greece. Have a enjoy your trip @onceuponatime.


Summer trip is cool you can take me with you

Never been to greece. But looks beautiful and people look friendly too !!!!

Exploring the life in style great shots there

for those of you dreaming of beautiful Greece, just keep in mind their economy is bankrupting and there are thieves everywhere

Lovely photos with great atmosphere! Good companionship is so beautiful!

Great pics. Appreciate you sharing this with us @onceuponatime.

That first one is really cool with the blue water

Very cool and authoritative. Have fun, Boss!
Bitshares ❤