BitShares Hangout #37 - 2017-09-08 - OpenSource Agenda @1:00PM UTC [Beyondbit Payouts Powered by SP!]

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BitShares Hangouts Speakers and Worker Proposals Earn Beyondbits for Participating!

Use them to hire attendees and listeners for promotion of your work...or just pay yourself for documenting work done!

Notice: Beyondbit Payouts are BASED ON POST PAYOUTS and are sent After Final Payouts for this post are Received!

"Join weekly to speak with founding community members of the BitShares Enterprise Dex about history and current events in Cryptocurrency and earn some free BitShares Tokens!" ~officialfuzzy

Hangout Format:

This will go up at least 4 days before the BitShares Hangout. BitShares community members who post subjects to cover and bring topics of discussion are asked to do so in response to this post first. Worker Proposals are a Chief Focus in these hangouts, but other topics and projects are welcome to join. @officialfuzzy can finally pay people who have supported this powerful cryptocurrency for the past 4 years since its birth and evolution. So reply below with valuable topics, updates, info we should cover and earn upvotes from in this thread and earn a special bonus if yours are chosen!

How Much Time Per Topic?

Hangouts will be at least 45 minutes long, but depending on attendance and projects/topics to be covered may last up to 60 minutes. Given this, we will try to stay with 5-6 core topics and will fit in others where possible.

What do we Earn for Actively Participating?

Those who attend will each earn from a pool of bitshares that will be purchased with earnings from this post. They will then be given directly to you via our new guestbook that we are testing.
Fuzzy will be giving Beyondbits to community founders who attend this weekly hangout to give their own unique perspectives and expert commentary. He will also be giving them to people who give topics and information we choose to use in our hangout!
So make sure you get a BitShares Wallet!

And let's not get SP through upvoting quality information and content worth sharing with the top minds in crypto across the graphene ecosystem!

Is any topic off Limits?

Yes. We reserve the right to learn from the newest trickster trolling steemit consistently searching for way to insert chaos into the equation and devise future strategies for negating these. Naturally if these efforts become ham-fisted attempts at shutting down free speech in honest conversations, the audience will hold us accountable.
But with that said....pretty much anything can be covered--even up to and including current events. However, I personally will only be voting up stories that touch the blockchain in some way shape or form and will be asking the community to downvote absolute Rubbish! ;)

Listen to Last Week's Lightly Edited Hangout

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-Bitshares has been approved by the Token Exchange Self-Regulating Body (TXSRB) along side Bitcoin, Steem and others on the Clean Token List. You can get more information on the TXSRB HERE.

-A new BHAP (Big Heroic Audacious Projects) has been proposed, Project 'Rebuild Houston' is proposed as one of the projects in the Billion Hero Campaign's and will focus on providing support to the city of Houston which has been devastated by Hurricane Harvey. You can find out more about the project HERE

  • Bitshares Developer Alfredo has released the first public version of the Bitshares Block Explorer this week! Check out to see his progress thus far. Alfredo has also mentioned that ongoing development is still in progress.

  • @roelandp has submitted a worker proposal for shareholder consideration. The Worker Proposal titled:'201709-steemfest' is for sponsorship of the Graphene based Hackathon to be conducted at the 2nd annual SteemFest event in Lisboa (first week of November). The worker proposal is attempting to raise $6666 USD which will be used for prize money as well as organisational costs. If successful Bitshares will have the opportunity to have an introductory talk at the start of the hackathon, a 20 minute session in the main event, being a Focus Chain sponsor on all printed matters and SteemFest related materials and the creativity of up to 60 developers who will create and demo projects at the SteemFest main event.
    @michaelx in telegram has hinted at an upcoming sharedrop to Bitshares holders as early as mid September, more details will follow in the coming days as to the project being launched and the sharedrop. To be eligible for the sharedrop users will need to hold their BTS in one of the supported Bitshares wallets (BitsharesDEX, OpenLedger, RuDEX ect..). Funds stored on a centralized exchange will be excluded from the sharedrop (because in reality the exchange owns your Bitshares; you, their customer just owns a promissory note). Stay tuned to @stan and the Bitshares Twitter account for more information.

  • The team from YOYOW have announced that the YOYOW tokens have been listed on the Binance Exchange and they have launched a international YOYOW Wechat group. Find out more HERE

New BitShares Explorer

The beta version of a new BitShares Explorer is available for testing. It is the second blockchain explorer besides the one provided by roadscape at CryptoFresh. The BitShares Explorer enables viewing of transactsions, blocks, and accounts. Additionl feature requests can be posted at the project's GitHub page.

This explorer has been supported by a BitShares worker proposal that is managed by oxarbitrage.

Bitshares GUI Release v2.0.170830

This is the first release of the Bitshares Reference Wallet since the acceptance of the bitshares-ui proposal. Special thanks to @xeroc and @svk for their leadership. Also thanks to @calvinfroedge for the many issues he closed. Additionally, the team thanks the following for their bounty claims on the variety of bugs and features that were tackled this Sprint.

6 new features
17 bug fixes

For a complete list of the issues and conversation surrounding the resolution of each issue, please take a look at Milestone 170901

gracias por compartir este contenido con nosotros te di un voto espero que te guste

using reserve pool funding to buy into new tokens. Rise has an incubator service but runs on dpos 1.0 but this idea is extremely valuable.

Dear @officialfuzzy

I will soon send you someone to keep track of these dates for you, so you can keep track of all these dates. Saturday is on 2017-09-09 :P

You're doing a great job with making these hangouts available and I know your having your paws (fins?) in a lot of things these days.

i love you. and will change it.
btw...if you feel free to let me know if i do this again i'll reward u :)
Best to reach me on steemit.

I will definitely be a part of the Hangout. I have listened to the Hangout and it would be awesome to join the next one life. Thanks

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hey thanks, i just registered on bitshares on the account model this morning as i was fortunate enough to win some whaleshares. since i have the account model i don't want the wallet, correct? ... i also finally figured out how to make the transfer to my post / thank you / peace / new follower

I'm so text oriented I missed the new time, as it ONLY appears in your graphic. Consider adding it to your title as well, which provides visibility in resteems and feed lists.

Dam I think I missed this one. Thanks Fuzzy :)

Love how you format your posts. Thanks for that.

Won't have time to join the hangout today.

Nice way to earn steem power and coin!
I have no problem spending 60 minutes, even a day. Topics in my mind and discuss in PM.
Keep continue discussion. Also, I am ready to start as soon I have all information.
But I believe the most important topics How we can increase steemit coin value like bitcoin.

Steem it need mining system. Details have planned already discussing.

And site health protection. There are several projects in my mind. Just need to see which one we can start as soon as possible.

this is a little bit off topic for the bitshares hangout, but it does help in many ways for steem and bitshares to synergize! That is what whaletank is for :)

oh yea. actually the comment before know all the details. however vision always clear. just need to chain coin name and yes together thinking as well :D

You got my support!

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wish i knew what exactly you wanna do :( :( :(
i like to participate but i don't know what must have do !
cause of my language,, i don't understand English very well,, and i think someone who wanna count in.. must be know programming !
i dont know
by the way good luck

I'll even listen to this Bitshares Hangout with a hurricane in my backyard! #tampa

I love these posts! Great information to keep up with what's giong on in the community!

very good initiative, hopefully all those who can actively participate to generate better ideas for the whole community, thank you very much for sharing and to continue like this !!!