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This is the first release of the Bitshares Reference Wallet since the acceptance of the bitshares-ui proposal. Special thanks to @xeroc and @svk for their leadership. Also thanks to @calvinfroedge for the many issues he closed. Additionally, we can all thank the following for their bounty claims on the variety of bugs and features that were tackled this Sprint.

For a complete list of the issues and conversation surrounding the resolution of each issue, please take a look at Milestone 170901

For a summary of bugs and features, check out the Release Page.


Binary downloads for Linux, Windows and OS X are all located on this page in addition to the standard Bitshares Downloads location.


NOTE: This GUI release is tagged as 170830 in this announcement. In the future, we will coordinate matching the Milestone name with the release to avoid confusion. All the bugs and features listed in Milestone 170901 have been included in the v2.0.170830 release listed here.

NOTE: We have heard several reports that you may need to clear localstorage in the browser if you encounter problems when you first visit the

New features

  • Add memo fee estimation to WithdrawModalBlockTrades and Transfer
  • Show status of all API servers
  • Add WanCloud API servers
  • Allow Modal Close with Keyboard Control
  • Transwiser: add bankwire withdraw option
  • Force very strong generated password on account creation

Bug fixes

  • Fix #188: Total calculation (BTS) is not displayed correctly
  • Add localStorage fallback to BlockTradesDepositAddressCache, fix #327
  • Update BindToChainState for getAccount autosubscribe option, fix #202
  • Ensure proxy props changing updates component state
  • Ensure that vesting balances are updated when hot switching accounts
  • Improve exchange fee calc with pool and balance checks, prevent placing orders when fees are not payable
  • Add balance and fee pool checks to withdrawals
  • Ensure primary asset shows up in balance calculations
  • Add balance and fee pool checks to withdrawals, remove dead code
  • Fix 'unknown value' displayed for 0 amount
  • Fix error message for expired transactions
  • Fix broken telegram chat room link
  • Disable the trollbox, remove password change entry in settings for password logins
  • Fix a rounding issue when estimating non-BTS fees in the exchange
  • Fix Header not showing unlock state properly after wallet/account creation
  • Add a worker creation form
  • Fix depth chart for markets with extreme spreads

Proceeds from this post will be divided among the bitshares-ui team, @svk, @calvinfroedge and me.


Great work @billbutler, you guys have been working really hard on the UI recently, I've had several issues immediately resolved on the ui repo recently thanks to your worker proposal.

Keep up the great work :)


Oh, the joy of releasing new software, and the glorious anticlimax that follows weeks of grueling and thankless work.

A special congratulation is in order. Sleep in. Eat pancakes. And then get back to work.

Pancakes, check.

thank you guys for your hard work

When it comes to programming, there's more that goes on behind the scenes than meets the eye. Congratulations to all working on this awesome piece of technology.

you send me one of the first drafts for the worker proposal months ago, and I told you to go for it and you did it. The community accepted the proposal and now we have the first results. Really cool. thanks.