🚀 #notachain DPoS Community Meme Celebration for Whiteblock [EOSBits and Beyondbits Inside]

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“If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.”

-- George Bernard Shaw --

There has been a lot of discussion in recent weeks about EOS (and DPoS in general by association) not being a blockchain technology. This all stemmed from Whiteblock's "analysis" on EOS based on biased criteria and funded by Consensys (a large power player in Ethereum). For those looking for a TLDR: their Paid for Consensys is that Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) and EOS are not blockchains primarily because they use more secure and efficient mechanisms for providing better results.

For some this might be the first time you are seeing the lies that Bitshares and other DPoS chains have been battling for many years now. But for many this is par for the course and just another moment to shake our heads in disbelief.

A Long History of FUD

For those of us who have been here warning about present blockchain technologies needing improvement, it has been a struggle that seems to never end. A constant litany of lies about our tech can make one tend to worry that even if the tech is solid, that the lies will win out.

Yet as I have spoken about the Exponential Operating System (EOS) many times since the announcement of EOS, it is my belief our chains and communities are stronger fighting FUD together. When Voltron has to fight big bosses, the lions come together. Even if they are different colors(flavors). In the case of every DAC being a lion in the Voltron network they share the same common denominator from which early DPoS was devised: Scalability and Governance are problems needing fixed in blockchain technology.

Lessons Learned

As the number of communities using DPoS technology grows, these moments of FUD are no longer as saddening. In fact it is the growing community and its ability to teach the world the truth that has emerged from this. The lesson: the FUD offered opportunities to teach, show and prove (and teaching was the answer).

What if DPoS Communities Work together and Make Memeries?

One of the most powerful tools available in a world of fast click ads and instant gratification for things you never knew were essential, memes have become a gentle tool for teaching the masses while also making them smile (a great way to teach uncomfortable truths and not getting killed).

📜 We need Memes to fill our Memory!

We want the silliest, most intelligent and funniest memes you can find focusing on the most silly FUD you have heard about DPoS and EOS not being chains! The instructions are simple (its a meme after all)!

Your Meme Must Include the Following:

  • A funny image
  • A message promoting DPoS chains (like EOS, BTS, WLS etc) being the only working chains (use the one from EOS Dublin as a guide)

Your Post must include the following:

  • Your Meme
  • A BTS account (and any other accounts from sponsor chains)

🏅 EOSBit Rewards

Anyone who creates an Meme
that includes ALL the required steps outlined above will earn the following rewards:

Most Creative:
250 EOSBits
50 Beyondbits

Most Hilarious:
250 EOSBits
50 Beyondbits

Most Authoritative:
250 EOSBits
50 Beyondbits

All serious entries will be rewarded with upvotes and shown on our EOSTalks and Bitsharestalks! But make sure to get a Bitshares wallet!

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DPoS Explain Like I'm 5 (Eli5)?

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