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RE: Tribute to Paul "Onceuponatime" Martello

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Beautifully written @stan.

Paul @onceuponatime, with all these life experiences you have had and all the gifts God has blessed you with, there is so much more you have to offer. I would love to read about all these wonderful life experiences you have had. Your life journey can be used to inspire, encourage and comfort so many people out there, and sometimes our physical limitations, sufferings and pain becomes part of our story that God can use to bless others. I know God has certainly used my physical limitations, sufferings and pain to enrich my life and encourage others.

Joni Eareckson Tada became an inspiration and encouragement to so many people after an accident that left her quadriplegic, and Helen Keller ministered to people through her deaf blindness.

You are blessed to have friends that care for you so deeply.I hope you stay strong and consider embracing the next adventure God has for you on earth before He calls you home in His time.


Nice Bernie other nextgen!

I’m not Bernie. Bernie = nextgencrypto, a different nextgen. :)

I'm mistaken. Edited :D

Hehe no worries. You’re not the first. I get mistaken for NGC all the time. :)

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