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EWOTH: Word Of The Day - Wannapawna

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The "word of the day" series highlights a noteworthy submission from ewoth.org that is chosen by the EWOTH Word Miners. Additional $SLANG tokens are rewarded to the word creator, and today's word is...

WANNAPAWNA - A hypnotic state, traced back to the Kootenai Tribe of Northern Idaho, that causes you to...https://ewoth.org/wannapawna

There are multiple ways you can earn $SLANG tokens by submitting words at ewoth.org:

  1. Submit an original word - receive (1) $SLANG token
  2. Word Royalty from an EWOTH usage partner - receive (1) $SLANG token (more info > https://steemit.com/bitshares/@misterrose/ewoth-update-3-word-royalties-and-usage-partners)
  3. Word Of The Day bonus - receive (5) $SLANG tokens

You can also follow EWOTH on social media to fully embrace the glory:

TWITTER - https://twitter.com/EwothDictionary
FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/EwothDictionary/
DISCORD - https://discord.gg/auZMKX6 (primary chat room)
TELEGRAM - https://t.me/joinchat/FoJDyRI9ngL2R-ByhVIIrg (updates only)

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