EWOTH Update #3 - Word Royalties And Usage Partners

in bitshares •  10 months ago

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Moving right along with development of EWOTH: The Blockchain Dictionary, I'd like to announce a feature that I first envisioned several years ago...


I hinted in past posts that there will be multiple ways to earn $SLANG rewards for each word you submit at https://ewoth.org/ . Word royalties via usage partner blogs is one of those ways I'm most excited to highlight. Whenever your word is used and hyperlinked in a blog post by an EWOTH usage partner, you will receive an additional $SLANG token...and so will the usage partner!


  1. The creator of the word "explodify" was issued an additional $SLANG token as their word was used in a blog post at EWOTH usage partner Indie Music Plus > http://indiemusicplus.com/rainy-day-crush-featured-artist/

  2. The creator of the word "trendetarian" was issued an additional $SLANG token as their word was also used in a separate blog post at EWOTH usage partner Indie Music Plus > http://indiemusicplus.com/yellow-jumps-twice-stop-treatin-the-beaten-ways-review/

If you are a blog owner/editor and would like to be an EWOTH usage partner, please reach out in the comments or stop by the new EWOTH Discord forum https://discord.gg/auZMKX6 (I'm "DR")

See ya in the next update!

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What a cool idea!


Thank you sir 😀

Neat new dApps on BitShares Blockchain technology! Great to see and something for sure to drag more curious souls to $BTS :)


You got it, and Bitshares is the perfect fit for the scope of this project! Graphene Rocks!

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