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RE: BEOS Launches Today - Here's how to get yours!

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How is it pricey when it costs nothing? A BTS Lifetime account costs 3000 BTS, a one time registration of your chosen custom account name is only 500BTS for a BEOS account. EOS doesn't let you get a custom account name when you create an account, it is a gibberish name with 12 characters. EOS auctions custom short names for tens of thousands of dollars.

Seems like a BEOS account fee is a steal in comparison.


BTS account is free.
EOS account cost 1$.
BEOS account = 500 BTS = 6$

For what?

Lmao don't get in then. More for me.

6$? 500 BTS is almost 35$ now.

This is such a horrible deal.

NEO is free. And simple.