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RE: BEOS - Alternative proposal for Bitshares 3.0

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On a long enough timeline, I feel like it's inevitable that BTS should hop onboard the EOS train. However, there's no rush, and I know from personal experience that attempting to change course or reach consensus on BTS, requires a herculean effort. It will take A LOT of convincing of A LOT of stakeholders that such an effort is warranted. I predict it will happen by mid 2020 or early 2021.


In my opinion Bitshares will have to jump onboard EOS sooner rather than later, or risk falling behind and into irrelevance. One year at most is how much time Bitshares community has to make the move.

Well, I like your idea, and I agree that sooner than later would be preferable, but I have to say I don't have much faith that the Bitshares community can reach consensus on such a move without pain as a motivator.

Question: Presuming BTS remains an island unto itself, and doesn't make any moves to pitch fork itself to a BEOS style chain, how soon do you think an alternative decentralized exchange will be up and functional on EOS, with a network effect and resulting volume sufficient enough to possibly compete with Bitshares?

Things are moving fast in blockchain world.
Bitshares has 1, maybe 2 years max.
Likely less.
If Bitshares community does not jump on-board, EOS train will leave without them.
EOS already has a simple exchange contract working, this contract can be developed further to include all current Bitshares functionality.

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