Whats up with Bitshares - Stats/Charts

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Due to market crashes, loads of problems on STEEM network and other things it has been a long time since we have looked how older brother of our blockchain here is doing - Bitshares.

Bitshares Price and Volume


Going down a bit but on these market conditions - not really anything special to notice.

Top76 on CoinMarketCap

Before ETH and tokens were so big in 20016 i remember BTS in top10. 76 is not bad at all with 1000s of currently listed things.

BTS Markets

Very old coin so has loads of good exchanges, surely liquid as hell.

Blockchain Usage

12th most used blockchain in 24h right after grandpa of all crypto - Bitcoin.

Solid coin despite years in the game, i HODL it since years.


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The problem at the moment is gateways starting to be dodgy. Two examples are Cryptobridge which currently has a lawsuit against it, and Openledger which seems to be in the middle of an exit scam. Happy to hear if anyone thinks there is a chance Openledger won't steal all the funds it is holding?

OopenL, CryptoBridge and many more ended bad... sadly those DEXes were/are semi-decentralized when trading other chains and thats the biggest problem

Do you think there is any chance that Openledger will allow withdrawals again?

For now i had no problem with Openledger.When gateway is open,i made withdrawals without any problems.When they delisted coins,same again,i get them all out without any problems.
Gateways are getting open and closed all the time.The only problem is,that some gateways are not being open for long time.

Yes they way they are doing this seems like they are slowly disappearing and keeping everyone's money

False, I've been trying to do exactly that for 7 months now and I'm still losing my investment Openledger does not open their gateway at all something is telling me that I got robbed by this fraudulent company.

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I been trading there daily,for a few years now.You won't find better DEX out there.To bad that Cryptobridge is gone,they had many people trading daily on DEX,that are not active anymore...

yea CB and OL kind of failed us

Cuz we got robbed starline, thats why that DEX is dead, Openledger Robbed me and robbed everyone who thought they were moving their crypto to a descentralized blockchain.

I HODL it too.
Also, I love your point: "12th most used blockchain in 24h right after grandpa of all crypto - Bitcoin." BINGO! :)

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