Current Bitshares Stats and Pricing!

in bitshares •  last year

Since STEEM is connected to Bitshares by Graphene lets have a look at current stats.

Top 28 of Market Capitalization

STEEM currently at 12.

Current Price

Top10 Exchanges

BTS to BTC seems like biggest market yet BTS/CNY is still big.

Arbitrage Options

Price seems stabile more or less, BTS DEX and OpenLedger are the same pretty much. Yobit is not a safe place for exchanges.

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This is about to blow out of proportion... Finally! This sleeping giant, the seed of all giants is about to boom out of its shell! All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Do you think BTS has legs? Penny Dazzler? The next one to go? I am currently looking at PIVX at it seems to have a great foundation. Thoughts?


BTS is "brother" of STEEM hence why its important to this community. Its also somethign that was before ETH yet has loads of its options


Will look at this today for sure. Thanks.

Thank you @kingscrown for posting. Appreciate the information and your contribution to keeping Steemians informed in this fast changing sphere of crypto-currencies.

Interesting post! Will keep an eye on Bitshares. Which exchange do you recommend for trading?


The best would be Bitshares Decentralized Exchange - register there. You can then ie send STEEM and buy BTS with it and fully decentralized. Hacker proof etc.

Other than this Bittrex is good.


Thank you I appreciate your advice. You post a lot of good material, Followed! I am starting a new series on my blog about peoples personal experiences and opinions in regard to cryptocurrency. Would you be interested in doing an interview?


'Here is a tiny tip, you may not have known, guys!" Time to work!