Bitshares - Current Trading State and Price

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BTS is the older brother of STEEM, which main function is fully decentralized exchange and ease of token creation (coming to STEEM too!).

Lets have a look on how the currency does on current downtrend of all cryptos and china ban (BTS is very popular in Asia).

BTS Markets

BTC pair runs it but we still see CNY despite upcoming by end of month chinese exchange ban (of course this may change).
OpenLedger which is the most popular exchange on BTS is also high with bitCNY a CNY pegged coin. Livecoin also gets some volume and others are pretty much out of equation.

OpenLedger Markets

Native BTS exchange also has CNY as top currency traded with OBITS (natural token of OpenLedger also on Livecoin) and Chinese YOYOW VEN. STEEM looks not bad there and often EXCL and LISK is good deal to buy on this one. You can try to arbitrage some of those with HitBTC listnings.

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Look at the graph. BTS is in a dip now. Time to buy some, dear hodlers.

BTW, the graph by the CryptoWhale bot.

Seems Bittrex wants to delist and price got better for entry

Nice article @kingscrown. It will rise one day.

Buy buy buy

I hope it goes up soon, I bought at $0.15 :(

BTS is what the crypto space needs and is a tested and proved dex. That being said shitty marketing, wasn't very simple when i used it (didn't like the UI), and shitty marketing. I actually bought some recently, cos maybe they can catch traders and investors attention.

Time will tell.

I think BitShares has an advanced
referral program built directly into its software. When the vast majority of trading activity moves to a decentralized, trust-free exchange, the remaining centralized exchanges become much less appealing to high- frequency traders. Time to buy bitshares, thanks for sharing

I think Steemit is awesome, and I didn't know it was based on bitshares.

Im not an expert, but as far I can understand and read about it. BTS is a great coin, great dex. great options with the coin. I can see them among the top 5 coins one day.

But like i said im not an expert. However the mass is not an expert and might think the same thing. For me BTS is a typical case of HODL.

Thanks for sharing this update...I just bought bitshares now as it is cheap now and will use it for steem later, upped.
Thanks for writing a post on SMT which motivated me to write my latest post on how Steem will be EOS and Ethereum killer-I cited you there, pls feel free to see it. Wish you more success.

Thanks for sharing ,

Upvoted !

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Its so exciting to be on the ground floor. I think most people don't realize how lucky we are to be a part of this as a community. Things of this magnitude are usually only available to the elite. If the power of the community could be harnessed the growth could be exponential

One great family

With the ban of exchanges, BTS will fly to the moon cause it is decentralized.

It's time to invest in btc.

Nice Article and informative post @kingscrown, i recommend your post to may friends...

Very informative post. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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Right now Bitshares doesn't look so good unless one is a long time holder. I see it dropping a little more but it will definitely rise again. I will buy when it reaches $0.02

thanks for the information. what your news is useful for us all ..

Nice article @kingscrown. This may be helpful as well.

It's just been delisted from Bittrex? What's going on?

Is it Bittrex banning as it's a competitor, or have BTS broken the law?

Really? It's still there. I'm trading now in BitTrade App.

I got the notification. BTS is crashing!

Nice Article and informative post @kingscrown, i recommend your post to may friends...

bitshares is really growing

nice post.

thanks for sharing

Im not saying its wrong but any idea on when bts will go up (if your looking for it to this year, beginning of next year, etc). I see good reasons for it to go up as well, but its remaining pretty lack luster.

Hiio @kingscrown, informative and valuable article shared as usual in which you show in detail about the statistic and market position of bitshares and other market infos. very helpful to us keeep it up, appreciated and support your work you don in this form.

Thanks for highlighting Bitshares. I've been trading on the Bitshares Decentralized Exchange for almost a month now and have had good success.

It's great to hear that Bitshares is popular in Asia.

Thanks for sharing
am not so expert to comment but upvote you

thanks for the information. what your news is useful for us all ..

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Kiss that Bittrex volume goodbye. It's getting de-listed on October 13th

great content! kingscrown

I am trading on Bitshares longer time,and i must say that im not pleased.There a lot of "bugs".If i add some coin to favorites,it's gone next time i log in.This pisses me off so much...I can't sort coins by volume,by are basic functions of exchange..i could go on and on about Bitshares.It's not all bad,but there is a LOT of room for improving Bitshares exchange.

Now is the time to buy bitshares. I'm looking to invest in it as much as possible in the next few months.

Let's see what's going to happen. I bought some more BTS today!!! Up to the moon and further.
Thanks for your post!👏🏻

very informative.i think this will be very profitable for investors.

I have bought Zengold but when I sell it no one wants to buy it.

Thank you for this "additional information" you pasted to this post! Very useful info, that's what I missed. Great "sub-post".

Risk still every where....

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awww..i want to know more?

So did i read that Bitshares was delisted on Bittrex? Its plummeted on Poloniex

I not have idea About bts, i just buy this coin after read your post i was sold all my bts coin. Any suggestion for me.


bit shares is really growing

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