Why BitShares?

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  • The worlds busiest blockchain with a record 920k operations on 13th Sept 2017
  • The worlds fastest blockchain
  • The worlds most used DEX (Decentralized Exchange)
  • BitUSD, BitCNY Stablecoins require no third party
  • Atomic swaps on chain
  • Human readable send/receive addresses
  • Huge scalabilty (Testnet proven 3k TPS with 100k TPS theoretical)
  • 3 years of stable operation, well tested open source MIT software
  • Self funding blockchain directly pays developers and workers
  • AML/KYC compliance capable
  • Many companies use BitShares blockchain as their backend or for token issuence
  • Stealth transaction ability in development now
  • Truly decentralised, BitShares is a software protocol not a company, no CEO or office
  • Still has a low market cap with huge potential for growth
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Here's why I am buying Bitshares:

  1. Bitspark moving millions of dollars of remittance volume to the Bitshares DEX

  2. Bitshares is a TXSRB clean token

  3. Bitshares is being used to create the STOKENS exchange for issuing and trading SEC-compliant tokens

  4. The Billion HERO Campaign is bringing in huge marketing and media visibility to the Bitshares brand and technology

  5. Bitshares will migrate to EOS when EOS launches

  6. Bitshares is finally upgrading the exchange interface and fixing tons of bugs, they are spending over $150,000.00 USD in the next six months to upgrade the exchange to a world class interface

  7. China is shutting down centralized exchanges; the US and other countries will follow soon. Decentralized exchanges are the future of trading crypto and Bitshares is the No. 1 DEX on the planet by any metric - transactions per second, scalability, security, volume, adoption, speed, number of assets, etc.

  8. Bitshares has been running for over 3 years and has not been hacked

  9. Trading fees are cheap

  10. The community and developers are one of, if not, the best in the world!

Bitshares is my No. 1 crypto investment pick right now. Buying!


This comment is an excellent comment and gives further insight about bitshares, I am extremely bullish on BTS since day 1, but lets see my view gets materialized in reality.


Well, not being hacked for three years doesn't mean much when so few people use and know about it. But nevermind, where did you get the info on world class interface in six months? I thought this BSIP about the GUI is already/almost complete?


Well, Bitshares does more op/tx per day than Bitcoin and Eth combined - hit over 900k/day a couple weeks ago. BTS is also the longest chain in the world. So by pure use BTS is really kicking ass. But the point is taken, Bitshares is very much undiscovered at this point.

As for the BSIP there is $150k USD approved and being spent over the next six months. Here is a summary of what has been done to date:


They are just ramping up but what has been done thus far is truly impressive.


Okay, thanks!


Far from complete. Count on suggestions for Token factory to be moved to separate interface, a lot more regrouping of items before final, Trading View and full responsive to be properly done is minimum 4-5 months of work.


It was a comment from two months ago, I've read about it already :)
But anyway, thanks for the effort!


My bad, i was reading entire content, being unaware of the dates or paying attention to them :D

Love Bitshares. First time I ever traded was on Bitshares :)


Same here. I just started trading on the Bitshares DEX about three weeks ago.


Wish there was more volume. But I guess the only way to make that happen is to trade on there and get others too.


im new in all that and i started with bitshares is easy to use , still alot to learn but easy to started

gotta love the bitshares !! super platform and deeply and intimately involved with steemit @officialfuzzy ;)


Bitshares rocks. It's so easy and useful

Bitshares is the king of all exchanges.. fast, decentralized... I guess it will be the bank of the future...


yup Sure is rival nice too that openledger is interchangable with that bit shares account and the bitshares exchange i know open ledger just added 2fa through airbitz now kinda cool how there both interchangable

Bitshares and its DEX is the answer to China shutting down exchanges. This is the best time to invest while it is largely undervalued. I urge everyone to buy some bitshares before its too late, just like bitcoin in 2010 . Get into bitshares guys !!! :)


I hope you are right!

I'm all in on Bitshares (but will also keep my Steem Power).

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nice post bro, please please please UP Vote me..

BitShares is one of the most important tools that so many community can use to secure their freedom.thou it's still low and have not been able to reach it's previous worth of 10k, but am so loving it

Bitshares, my religion :D

Love and im in The whole ball of WAX ! Bitshares ! the exchange the platform blocktrades Steem steemit the whole DC block chain package open ledger ! wallet exchange OBITS biteaser THESE GUYS ARE GREAT DEVELOPERS

IM in that that whole BaLL of wax ! WHAT a combo Bitshares - that platform is great way undervalued and add in the rest blocktrades ! Steem steemit then shoot over to Open Ledger ! great exchange OBITS bit teaser wave and some great stuff there PLENTY OF ROOM TO RUN AROUND HERE !! and nobody to bother you on a decentralized exchanges no more you cant withdrawl your coins ! like at polniex ! its been a JOY trading on open ledger and bitshhares !

I love bitshares. The future is shiny for it and I would advice people to better watch it closely.

Excellent points there!