BitShares UI Improvements (13 New Features, 45 Bug Fixes)

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BitShares UI

The BitShares UI has previously been worked on and improved on a voluntary basis. Since the UI was in dire need of new features and enhancements, the community created a worker proposal, WorkerID: 1.14.58 - 201708-bitsharesui, which will run for six months (2017/08/15 - 2018/02/15), and supply bounty rewards for issues assigned to a milestone by @billbutler.

Completed issues pay contributors in bitUSD based on a fixed hourly rate, and after the estimated hours it will take to complete the problem. Items are expected by @billbutler, and anyone can claim the issue and tackle the task.

Every month there are two milestones for updated releases, usually on the 1st and 15th of the month. The community will get at least two new versions every month, with a lot of fixes and features, while coders gain a reward for their work.

Latest Releases is available on GitHub

Worker Payments

The payments for the tasks are fully transparent.

2017-09-0113,312.50 bitUSDInvoice
2017-09-1513,500.00 bitUSDInvoice
Total26,812.50 bitUSD (17%)-

Total Spending Budget for 6 months: 150,000 bitUSD

Current Milestones

Milestone DateOpenUnasignedClosed

Current Issues Fixed

v2.0.170830 (2017-08-30)

New Features

  • Add memo fee estimation to WithdrawModalBlockTrades and Transfer
  • Show status of all API servers
  • Add WanCloud API servers
  • Allow Modal Close with Keyboard Control
  • Transwiser: add bankwire withdraw option
  • Force very strong generated password on account creation

Bug Fixes

  • Fix #337
  • Fix #188: Total calculation (BTS) is not displayed correctly
  • Add localStorage fallback to BlockTradesDepositAddressCache, fix #327
  • Update BindToChainState for getAccount autosubscribe option, fix #202
  • Ensure proxy props changing updates component state
  • Ensure that vesting balances are updated when hot switching accounts
  • Improve exchange fee calc with pool and balance checks, prevent placing orders when fees are not payable
  • Add balance and fee pool checks to withdrawals
  • Ensure primary asset shows up in balance calculations
  • Add balance and fee pool checks to withdrawals, remove dead code
  • Fix 'unknown value' displayed for 0 amount
  • Fix error message for expired transactions
  • Fix broken telegram chat room link
  • Disable the trollbox, remove password change entry in settings for password logins
  • Fix a rounding issue when estimating non-BTS fees in the exchange
  • Fix Header not showing unlock state properly after wallet/account creation
  • Add a worker creation form
  • Fix depth chart for markets with extreme spreads

v2.0.170914 (2017-09-14)

New Features

Bug Fixes

  • Issue #392 (PR #401)
  • Issue #403 - Fix password manager issue and ChainStore account fetching for logins close
  • Fix edge and tooltip formats when switching between markets
  • Issue #385 - Make height is same with open orders (PR #396)
  • Make sure period will be placed when selected text has period keyed (PR #395)
  • Issue #351 - Failed to Sync with API Server UI (PR #381)
  • Issue #314 - Update display price when changing amounts to stay consistent with confirmation screen fix
  • Issue #374 (PR #375)
  • Issue #342 - Use only the first part of the remote API errors when broadcasting trx fails
  • Issue #366 - Fix worker creation submit error close
  • Issue #200 - Improve order matching when clicking orderbook orders
  • Issue #358 (PR #363)
  • Fix values displayed in MyOpenOrders
  • Issue #204 - Remove special treatment of call pricing making it non-invertable
  • Issue #292 - Fix find market invalid asset warnings close
  • Issue #186 - Enforce at least 2 decimals for price text
  • Fix collateral ratios is NAN issue (PR #362)
  • Issue #345 (PR #357)
  • Issue #341 (PR #355)
  • Fix some setState on unmounted component errors
  • Fix MyMarkets console errors
  • Fix 'span cannot appear as child of tbody' error
  • Fix warning in header (td in a) (PR #338)
  • Issue #346, #304 - Update bitsharesjs
  • Update apiLatencies after connection
  • Issue #346 - Fix API nodes sorting

v2.0.170915 (2017-09-15)

Bug Fixes

  • Issue #407 - Fix Open orders page close
  • Issue #408 - Use a dynamic scale to apply yellow stroke to price chart fix

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Thank you, @sc-steemit for this update.

I started to lose hope on Bitshares development.

BTW, I suggest that you publish this on other platforms too. The crypto community needs to know that Bitshares is still active. This can help its price.

One of the problems with Steem and Bitshares causing their price to decrease is that most of their good news are only published only here on Steemit, while most of the crypto community do not have accounts here.

Thanks for your valued input. I'll go out and post links to the post on various other places as well. Feel free to do the same to spread the news more.

Good 👌👌👌👌post 👍👍👍👍 thanku💐💐💐💐

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