I looked at your comments @joelgonz1982, and you have copy/pasted this same comment on other peoples blogs. Try to put some effort into your comments and personalize them with the subject on the blog post.

If you keep copy/pasting the same comment it will hurt your reputation score and not get you upvotes.

This is like comment spam. Where someone makes MANY cheap, generic comments, hoping to get a few upvotes. Don't do that please.

thanks modified my comment, that is good that happens to one I am practically new I only have 27 days in steemit and little by little I am learning from the oldest here, good to continue growing in steem and achieve the goal that I proposed.

I am happy you learned the right way early. :) Good job, and thanks for making the correction.

thanks to you, for teaching me the correct path of the great ones you learn and I hope that from time to time you will take a look at my blog.

I will. Listen to a suggestion. Other countries and other news is re-explaining what is happening to Venezuela.

We are not sure what is happening to your country. I looked at your blog and only saw one story about it that you wrote recently.

Instead of posting things about what you think people want to hear about.. you should consider posting important things about the situation about Venezuela. Is the situation still bad with money and food? No one knows for sure unless we talk to people like you.

Even if you are ok, is the rest of your country okay? In the beginning so many news reports talked about it, if things are worse or if they are getting better, we have no information from real people. Regular people.

Your blog could do better and do more support if you are in that country and help us all to understand what happened, how they are now, and where it is going. We want to learn.

thanks for the advice I will write a post about that .. the reality is that here in Venezuela the siege goes from bad to worse in my case the salary that I earn working alone I can only eat 2 days, and a half I solve the week with what I earn by working online is sad and dull the situation of my country.

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