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RE: BEOS - Alternative proposal for Bitshares 3.0

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If Bitshares will adopt EOS technology, it will skyrocket BTS pretty heavily.
It will become the most advanced DEX and will thrive against centralised exchanges =)

Hopefully they will run the 2 coins in parallel without any split. That will empower the 2 communities : BTS and EOS
Just like a partnership basically


Bitshares and EOS communities are currently separate, but could merge if wanted.
Among BEOS token distribution options are:

  1. All tokens go to BTS holders.
  2. Some tokens go to BTS holders and some to EOS token holders.
    Second option would attempt to merge these two communities.

No need to sharedrop the EOS crowd. They already benefit greatly by the mass user migration.
I would say sharedrop the BTS holders and have some new BEOS tokens go for development + an ICO to get new users on board the BEOS DEX

It will be the fairest option indeed =)

I suspect it will be hard to come up with a distribution formula that will be satisfactory to both communities..

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