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A Third Bill of Rights

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Yes, it would seem so obvious to the discerning eye. Too bad the 2 party system was created to usurp and take the agenda away from the people allowing for the deception of law and the downfall of the grand experiment in freedom of and for the masses.

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The fault always lies with the Public who did nothing in the face of these usurpations, the last real Principal of the constitution for the united States was Andrew Jackson after that school was out, but before that the Public is what was against the wall by the actions of the Government, and ever since then the public has always been the only government, they have kept to themselves in true anarchist fashion and left it alone, even today, AS ever, people by overwhelming majority chose to not participate and there is no excuse for the fraud and deception that has happened besides the combination of apathy and anarchy, which with a little bit of consistency could have kept the truth ever evident, but that would have menat to actually Self Govern. It was never free of and for the masses because it was always simply about providing certain services in good faith, and the role of master and servant can never become to resemble the other or be confused!

The only rule of law we have is the people. Poly-tics are a pest that needs constant control, and at best they are faithful servants, but confusing the two is no excuse, because at that point the maxim of law caveat emptor

It is safer to be deceived than to deceive.
A deceiver deals in generals.
Fraud lies hid in general expressions.
A concealed fault is equal to a deceit.
Out of fraud no action arises.
A forestaller is an oppressor of the poor, and a public enemy to the whole community and the country.
It is a fraud to conceal a fraud.
Gross negligence is equivalent to fraud.
Once a fraud, always a fraud.
What otherwise is good and just, if it be sought by force and fraud, becomes bad and unjust.
He is not deceived who knows himself to be deceived.
Let him who wishes to be deceived, be deceived.
He who does not prevent what he can, seems to commit the thing.
He who does not prevent what he can prevent, is viewed as assenting.
He who does not forbid what he can forbid, seems to assent.
He who does not forbid, when he might forbid, commands.
He who does not repel a wrong when he can, induces it.
Often it is the new road, not the old one, which deceives the traveler.
Deceit is an artifice, since it pretends one thing and does another.