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RE: Fees Collected on the BitShares blockchain through September 2017

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Awesome analysis!!
However, your fundamental number crunching is missing one thing: Technical Analysis of Charts. That's what I do and here is my projection of BTS target of $0.75 which would be 1.5 Fibonacci of white colored wave 1. However, it could go to 1.618 Fibonacci which would be at $0.81.

Now, will be at the peak of white colored Wave 3; so after a Wave 4 retrace, Wave 5 could provide a sky high level of $1.20 as shown via Elliott Waves:

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Interesting. From a technical standpoint how long does consolidation (or floating in the 5 cent range) need to take place before conditions are right for the next up move?

Timing on correction completion is very hard to project. I know this, five waves for wave c are in so....anytime. Just like BCH...many were very frustrated and took their losses. Not me, I stuck to my EW counts and chart pattern analysis and just bankd almost 37% profit!

All the cryptos have this "hurry up and wait" syndrome. They quickly place the impulse waves and then take their time on the correction side....i mean a real long time. That's why I've been saying the best tmie to buy is at the terminal end of the c wave of an a,b,c, correction. To know this, one has to know how to count EW.

Great answer. BCH was a critical example of patience. I'm learning to buy only amounts that I know I have all the patience in the world for!