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RE: Bitshares 3.0 (Bench) + EOS = Blockchain Interoperability And Built In Atomic Swaps (HUGE!!!!!)

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Wow- unification of chains! This is awesome. Hopefully this will allow consolidation of the space and kill off some of the shit coins to allow the actual technology that will change the world, to flourish.


completely agree, we need a massive clear out of all the bull shit projects​s in this space. EOS has inter-chain communication built right into it so this is really good news

I agree. For far too long, too many shite coins have flourished. There is no way that the world needs 1600 coins all offering practically the crane thing. To break into the main stream we need consolidation!

It's going to happen real soon pal, Once EOS launches and is successful people will realize that the future is obvious for platform tokens. We should start to see a lot of money fall out of those dog shit coins and start to roll into this vertical (I really hope that TRX falls on its arse, but doubt it will).

There are still too many currency based coins out there but the only ones that should still be active in my opinion are bitcoin (digital Gold), Bitcoin Cash (the closest coin to satoshi's white​ paper) and Monero for Darknet​ to use.

Bring on the apocalypse!

I hope we do see it but I’m not so sure. In traditional stock markets, shit companies go bankrupt and cannot come back. With crypto, shit coins become practically worthless but as long as someone is still mining them, they will persist, waiting for the next up turn when money pokes into anything!

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