9 reasons for holding bitshares now

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Bitshares has and is one of my favorite cryptos. One has to wonder why considering all that has happened since spring. There are a lot of things to be uneasy about, but also a number of things I find extremely bullish on. Let's have a look and figure out what is what

June was a cool month to hold 'shares. All time high and everything looked bright. The mother of all marketing campaigns would be unleashed according to @stan. Well. It didn't work out that well. And a regroup was necessary. The BCH fork took a toll in august. And it just got worse with china banning icos, closing exchanges and at last the ban from Bittrex. What a mess. But it is more to it than just that. There are a number of things that will turn around this unruly crypto.

Here are a number of things I am excited about:

1. The new wallet

I could go on for hours about the bts wallet. It is a marvel and a catastrophe at the same time. Or it used to be to be is correct. It was evident that it needed some love. I'm surprised I even managed to make it work the way it was. I have probably tried everything with it. And I am sure most of the problems was rooted in bad connections. Once fixed, it has been a charm to use. Not only that, it also runs with a minimum of memory requirements. It is open all the time nowadays and I don't notice. The facelifts has also made it much easier to navigate and it is clearer what mode you run it in. One of my early mistakes. I have seen the developers talk for hours to solve problems and learn from new users. And that process has led to a more simplified start for the noobs.

2. Bitspark

I never knew about remittance services to be honest. I have my bank and when I need something from the other side of the world, I use PayPal. For developing countries, it is not that easy. And there is where remittance services have their niche. Small shops where you can wire cash to others without the need for a bank. They are about to switch from bitcoin to the bitshares network. And it makes so much more sense when you know the power the smartcoins represent. I hope to see loads of new coins and increased traffic.

3. Ocash

Yeah! Bitshares get a debit card! And of course it is openledger that provide the service. Openledger that was the reason I got interested in the first place. The company that provides gateways to move in and out and the largest "add-on" company in the bitshares family. Finally the vision I had for this currency is closer to my idea of a functioning economy.

4. Stealth

I have written more extensively on stealth earlier. It is still not sanctioned but I hope to see traction on implementation of blinded accounts and invisible transfers. It is crucial to business to not broadcast every transaction. And I hope it finds its place in reasonable time. @agorise also has other tricks up its sleeve: mobile wallets, payment systems and cold wallet support from what I know. In various stages of development.

5. Billion hero campaign

Long overdue and the small glimpses I've seen so far looks promising. It's strictly not my cup of tea wit charities and such, but I guess it could work in the US. I emphasize useful things and value before charity. And right now it just makes sense to short the hero. But I'm not at all in the intended market. Not yet, anyway!

6. Apasia tech

A new gateway in Thailand. Seems legit and eases access to a densely populated region. I find it an exciting idea. There are a lot of migrated Europeans there too.

7. Relisting

The Chinese exchanges open again overseas. And Chinese loves bitshares. I think they were the main reason for the June rally and I hope the approved worker proposals kickstart this market again. And hopefully the same goes for bittrex.

8. New website

Word has it it's finally ready for prime time! A matter of days in fact. And it looked stunning the last test I saw.

9. Everything else

I have not mentioned rudex or crypto bridge. I have tried rudex and arbitraged some steem at a few occasions. It worked fine. Quicker than openledger that I normally swear to, due to more liquidity. I have yet to try crypto bridge. But I organized my asset drawer so i can compare prices.

And I probably forgot some things too. Bitshares is kind of hard to understand with just a glimpse on it. It is an autonomous company without services you normally expect. Like staff. There is not even a CEO. But it runs 24/7 on servers around the world. Just hook up and use it. And personally I find it safer and more fun than the regular crypto exchanges. And I get so many ideas for trading with the unusual pairs. Steem agains bts for example. Trading was boring before I tried this nerve wrecking combo. Huge swings and unpredictable moves.

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Bitshares is up to $0.10 now.

Great post funkit :)

I m hold and buy BTS! I belive it would be great technolodgy for all of traders and remove scam centralize exchanges from the top!


Cool bro!

another great informative post sir...you truly are an asset to the bts community


@funkit we love bitshares too!

make sure you check our latest interview with Stan Larimer!!


Thanks for this... great details with numbered breakdown for easy reference!

well writen, bitshares seem interesting!!

Thanks for this summary. Good to connect with you here on Steemit. Bitshares has been the central part of my crypto strategy for the last couple months. It's paying off!