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Witness verbaltech2 has just achieved the #2 ranking in terms of votes for the second time! Thank you @Bitcrab and any others who have voted for this witness and placed their trust in my management of it.

As I mentioned last month, I have replaced the seed05 server, however the process is ongoing for additional replacements due to business needs (some providers rely on BitPay which has gone anti-freedom of choice and I refuse to support that). I have written before about the difficulties in finding quality hosting that meet my criteria. Expect shuffling and perhaps less diversity temporarily in geolocation of nodes due to these issues. One of the ongoing aspects of running a truly decentralized witness operation is in finding quality hosting provides around the globe. Verbaltech2 will strive to stay on top of this and provide as much diversity for location and node independence possible.

I continue to refine the failover switching program as issues arise with it, most of which now are silly programming errors I introduce myself. I added the code to my git repo if anyone is interested in tracking these changes. I discovered and resolved an new issue regarding SSL certificates with help from @RoelandP. Hertz price feed script is working well now and runs on 2 nodes at staggered times. I will look into applying that same approach to all of my price feeds as it provides redundancy if one of the feed producers fail. It is a form of "feed decentralization" within my own operation.

I have much to do so I will get on with it and conclude with my report of the market since last month (all prices via CMC): BTC=$6,760.03, BTS=$0.14, STEEM=$1.80 (huge dip!), PPY=$3.87.



Germany 1


Germany 2 (different provider & datacenter)




Floating / Extra Full Node:

And the testnet server for BTS:

Your vote for witness
is greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time and attention


Thank you for posting @full-steem-ahead.

Will look for Verbaltech2 at Bitshares.

All the best.


np @bleujay, thank you for your support!



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