Bitshares Breaking Barriers

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In my last post, I posted about David vs Goliath: Bitshares Edition. I am so proud that I chose Bitshares among thousands of cryptos out there. I'm more confident to recommend Bitshares to my colleagues more than ever. This is just the beginning, soon more people will learn the benefits Bitshares can offer for everyone.

If you remember about OCash in my previous post, the first all-in-one card you'll be wanting to use in the future. Because of OCash, we will be able to bitUSD, bitRuble, bitEUR, bitCNY and bitKRW in our daily lives just like what I've always dreamed of about Bitshares. Soon we will be able to pay groceries, gas stations, merchandises and many more. I am so excited about this feature and I hope to invite as many Filipinos I can so in the future they will enjoy the leverage Bitshares plans for us in the future.

But this is just one of many things that Bitshares has to offer for us. Imagine using your Ocash when travelling all around the globe. Isn't it exciting?

As of now Bitcoin is falling apart and almost every crypto are moving forward. Show everyone what Bitshares can offer to them in the future. Let's all work together in reshaping the crypto world as we know it. The truth is I have how CEO of Bitcoins ruin the crypto market with all these hard forks and coin splitting. Because of their greediness, crypto as we know it might crash and along with it our efforts. Stop supporting this kind of trend, we can end this. Support Bitshares now.

We will soon break the $1 barrier this month! Come join us in the Bitshares Network. Start now by creating your own wallet LINK.

Start revolutionizing the banking system by joining us in the Bitshares Network!

My goal is to reach 20,000 Bitshares to make my vote worthy in the Bitshares Community in exchange to make Bitshares Community a much more better place.

I have 6700/20,000 Bitshares as of now. You can either help me by upvoting this post and by resteeming. Thank you so much for the support I'm getting here on Steemit, specially to the Bitshares Community here and in the Bitshares network.

Your Bitshares Enthusiast,
Nem Dayao

Thanks to @orelmely for the GIF image


I'm thinking if I should buy some bitshares . There are any prediction for the next 3 year?

Bitshares, EOS and Steem have very bright futures. Proven tech from a visionary, @dantheman! Onward and upward!

It will pas 300$, Centralized exchanged are becoming like banks, they take long to confirm, they block wallets to pump and dump and sometimes your coins will disappear into thin air, decentralized exchanges will become the common in crypto trading which will cause Bitshares fly to the moon.

the problem now is that centralized exchanges doesn't want to give chance to bitshares dominating the crypto world. both poloniex and bittrex sabotaged bitshares because they're afraid of bitshares gaining ground and gets a good chunk of the market shares from them. but it's just temporary, they can do it once or twice, but they can't do it forever. it's just a matter of time decentralized exchange will become a real alternative for serious people dealing in cryptos

Interesting. I hope you can make it :)

Thank you @frankvvv. I'm hoping for the best too.

Bitshares needs to focus on better marketing?! Supported by Ledger Nano S would also be nice..

agorise was going to do that for ledger nano s but he was 3k$ short if we all pitch in im sure @kencode would revisit...regarding marketing it will happen in due time just be patient billionhero campaign will be taking off shortly...i like that bts is taking car of fundamentals and UI before doing the marketing that shows they have there head on straight.

I'm very impressed with the recent UI of Bitshares and I'm glad that there hasn't been a big marketing push yet and the focus has been on the platform and it's use cases as a priority. I think word of mouth is causing great organic growth for Bitshares. I would definitely love to see a revisit of the Ledger Nano addition. I would support that for sure and help spread the word. Onward and upward!

@tt-dogg that's right look what IOTA did to their investors. Spreading rumors about microsoft partnership. @bitcointv That's not how Bitshares works.

the other great benefit of holding off the marketing for now is we can all acummilate quietly while other ppl are chasing hype coins

Hoping u would make your mark
Best wishes @docmastery

yeah, all the cryptocurrencies are moving forward, this is good news..

I certainly hope so. I put a fair chunk into BTS believing that it would be one of the moving blockchains and really take over large aspects of the banking industry.

It will be interesting to see the new developments over the next 6 months. @stan indicated that there is going to be some big announcements coming. That will be sensational.

I am well positioned with BTS.

It will for sure maybe not the best but somewhere there. Let's hope for the best! And if it's Stan, I believe it's really huge!

Great choice choosing bitshares!

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interesting information .. thank you for sharing with us all

yeahhhh the athentic machine ...

days ago the goal was 5000 ... and like an ant you've got it ...

that's the technique, little by little .. there's a refrain that says:

more make an ant walks, than a bull asleep ...

blessings my dear sister

and thnaks for your animation ... :)

@orelmely Thank you for your support sister. We'll make it to $1 just keep on believing. 😊😊😊

Best wishes for you

it's not breaking barriers for me because I bought it with bitcoin and exactly with 0.00002 but now it's still 0.000015 , I hope I will take some profit from it, will it hit 0.0002 today or more ? what is the top ?

I compare it to USD not to Bitcoin. When you bought it with Bitcoin how much was Bitcoin back then? Did you know Bitcoin will reach $16,000 or more back then?

yes I knew it, because I just wanted to earn more bitcoin, because I still think that bitcoin will grow more, so I am losing my bitcoin if bitshare will not grow in term of bitcoin

Bitshares will return your Bitcoin with interest, I'm sure of it!

thanks for positive thoughts ☺ I hope so too.

This is a great,
I upvoted you as a witness :) good luck!

wow, few weeks before, you were just targetting to have 100 bts. now you've got 6k+ bts already! it's great! did you get those by buying? or donation?

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