Hertz passed its first trough! Price feed appreciation incoming! Updates & Charts!

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We're 3/4 through Hertz's first cycle!

On wednesday 21st March 2018 (yesterday), the price feed for Hz was at $0.86 which is the first trough in production!

hertz chart trough

In the coming fortnight (2 weeks), the price feed will appreciate from $0.86 to $1.14, following the predictable sine wave oscillation:

hertz chart appreciation

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Hertz updates

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Hertz charts

@sc-steemit (BTS Witness: SC-OL) created an excellent real-time charting service for hertz, see:


  • The Hertz feed price (Hertz:USD) & Reference price (Produced by hertz algorithm) are lining up nicely, slight deviations are noticable though - the price feeds are being worked on my multiple developers now, they will continue to improve. These slight deviations could be caused by the volatility of BTS itself though.
  • Current market rates are all above the feed price.
  • Low supply - need more market participants to short Hertz!


  • The reference and feed price are lining up perfectly, to the point that it's difficult to see the reference line.
  • Market sell & latest are above feed price, with a large buy order now pulling the market buy down towards the feed price.
  • Low supply - need more market participants to short Hertz!


  • It's interesting to see the impact of the sine wave oscillation between the Hz and USD feed price.
  • Both USD & Hertz have been trading above their feed price, we need more shorters!

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Hertz is doing really great!

this is great information about bitshares. you fescribe it very well. i want to more information of them. you shared a link here. can i visit this link?

here is availble the hertz settelment price in USD across the 28 day period. if i want to see previous 60 days, have any option?

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