Hertz 71% activated on the Bitshares network! 2 more witnesses to go!

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Hertz 71% activated! 2 more witnesses to go!

I've been posting regular updates regarding the Hertz Algorithm Based Asset & I'm happy to announce we've hit 71% activation thanks to our 4th and 5th price feed publishers!

So a massive shout out to sc-ol and verbaltech2, today they both began publishing price feeds for Hertz, bringing us closer to an active Hertz market.

You can see the current price feed publishers on CryptoFresh at the bottom of the page.

Don't be alarmed by the difference in price feeds being reported, as time progresses and we attract the interest of more witnesses we'll iron out the issues.

Wackou price feed update reminder!

Wackou recently merged pull request #36 into the master branch of the BTS Tools repo. If you're using BTS Tools to publish price feeds, please update to the latest version.

New Hertz developments?

Reference Hertz price feed HUG API

No surprise here, I've continued updating the Bitshares HUG REST API, this time adding extra unofficial reference data, updating the hertz formula in line with the reference hertz price feed script & correctly handling private price feed publishers listing hertz value of 0 (no price feeds yet, caused a crash in the API).

Reference Hertz price feed script updates

The reference Hertz price feed script was updated to clean up the code & comments and fixes a couple glitches reported by sc-ol.

Committee request to increase max price feed publishers from 10 to 25

This was an issue observed & reported last week, preventing the addition of more than 10 private price feed publishers. This will hopefully be increased by the Bitshares committee within the next week or two.

Are you a Bitshares witness?

Please begin publishing price feeds for the HERTZ algorithm based asset.

I have sent private messages to most active witnesses via Bitsharestalk, or I have posted in your Bitsharestalk witness threads.

Need more info?

Example Python snippet

hz_reference_timestamp = pendulum.parse(reference_timestamp).timestamp() # Retrieving the Bitshares2.0 genesis block timestamp
hz_period = pendulum.SECONDS_PER_DAY * period_days
hz_phase = pendulum.SECONDS_PER_DAY * phase_days
hz_waveform = math.sin(((((current_timestamp - (hz_reference_timestamp + hz_phase))/hz_period) % 1) * hz_period) * ((2*math.pi)/hz_period)) # Only change for an alternative HERTZ ABA.
hz_value = reference_asset_value + ((amplitude * reference_asset_value) * hz_waveform)

Properties of Hertz (Hz):

  • Amplitude: 14%
  • Period: 28 days
  • Daily price feed change: 2% per day
  • Max price feed rate: $1.14
  • Min price feed rate: $0.86

Smartcoin settings:

  • Maintenance collateral ratio (MCR): 200%
  • Maximum short squeeze ratio (MSSR): 110%
  • Max feed lifetime: 1440
  • Delay for forced settlements (minutes): 720
  • Percent offset of forced settlements: 1%
  • Min number of feeds: 7

Price feed scripts:


Consider joining the HERTZ Telegram channel!

Best regards,

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I get my feeds from @xeroc bitshares-pricefeed script. Can you submit a PR to his github repo? Hopefully he will accept it and I can update my config file to support it.

Fantastic job @sc-ol and @verbaltech2. Thanks @cm-steem for sharing this update. By the way, this link isn't working:

Consider joining the HERTZ Telegram channel!

Steem On!


It's working. Do you have Telegram correctly installed?


You need to install the telegram client first: http://telegram.org/

this is great Indeed.
I just Signed up for Bitshares less than 2 weeks ago and I see that some great stuff is coming in the way.
Keep it Up

Are you a Bitshares witness?

Please begin publishing price feeds for the HERTZ algorithm based asset.

How to be a Bitshares witness I am interested to this platform. Anyone has a guide to become a witness?

First time to hear about Hertz!

Great work! We are following the stream!

beautiful post i like it

new information for me
thank you so much for sharing