[Bitshares Committee Request] Increase the maximum_asset_feed_publishers value from 10 to 25

in #bitshares4 years ago

Requesting that the BTS Committee increase the max asset feed publishers limit

I've been working on getting the HERTZ Algorithm Based Asset live on the Bitshares network recently, and ran into problems providing more than 10 private price feed publisher entities within the Bitshares UI.

I chose to use private price feed publishers rather rather than witness & committee options as there are non-active witnesses whom I trust with providing price feeds for the Hertz ABA.

I'm seeking an increase to the 'maximum_asset_feed_publishers' value from 10 to 25. The Bitshares Committee is in charge of these global variables & thus we can increase the limit to accommodate the Hertz ABA's higher private price feed publisher count.

As far as I'm aware, there's no risk associated with increasing this value.

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How to increase maximum asset feed publisher value?



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