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The bot costs less than 3 bts a day to run.
Currently I have no real data about bot performance, because there isn’t much happening on the markets.

The most active market at the moment seems to be the OPEN.BTC : OPEN.DGD market. I could setup a bot on that market to gather some data.

As OPEN.BTC and OPEN.DGD are not smartcoins and the bot currently depends on the feed price, I can't set up a bot like that at the moment. I"ll try to figure out a way to generate a reliable price, but as you can see here: it greatly depends on the market etc. The biggest market with a feed price looks to be the CNY : BTS market at the moment, so I could try that.

Good question. If it manages to make any profit, it would be awesome for the liquidity...

For "dead" markets you won't make a profit. But if you have users for a market that has no (or not enough) liquidity then you can make money.

I've had two bots both on EUR and GOLD for about 2 days with different spreads. Both are currently at a combined loss of 4% in BTS. One bot has a 3% spread / 90% uptime and the other has 3.2%/100%. The one with the bigger spread makes a bigger loss. This is just 2 days and it's a bear market for BTS. Long on BTS in a bear market doesn't seem to generate lots of profit.

The loss in BTS has to do with the price movement and not with the bot, right?

I just looked at the bitshares home-interface TOTAL VALUE column. I gave the bots 70k and 60k, and the total value shows me 66,788 BTS and 58,282 BTS. I don't know how debt positions etc are calculated into the value, but if it's relevant, then I am at a small loss.

I downvoted this post accidentally -.-

The total value can go up and down depending on price swings of the assets your bot account has. The loss probably stems from that.

I see no trades on
and 3 trades on (probably when the bot went down, the price moved and the bot wasn't online to adjust the price of the orders)

That is basically the problem, not enough is happening on these markets to assess bot performance at the moment. I will run a test on the CNY:BTS market soon, but I have my doubts about that market having enough volume.

No problem, I got over it...

GOLD and EUR have gone up in BTS, so I should have made some profit. I guess you're right that the reason is price swings while being offline.

I hope to help the "nothing happening in the markets" problem by providing the little liquidity I can. So thanks for the bot.

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