Thats because it too complicated to try to understand!

Why does everyone have to make analysis so difficult? This wave correction Hoo-Haa is nonsense and the break out of this pattern to the high side was obvious WEEKS ago on the last bottom if you just analysed this using SIMPLE TRIANGLES. Instead, the break out is signalled to you followers 2 weeks too late now many of you will be left frustrated. You will never be fully taught the strategies in use here so you have to always rely on analysts to do your thinking for you. Wouldn't you rather learn simple strategies yourself, so you can trade off of your own thoughts, using techniques that don't blow your mind with complication?



It doesnt get much simpler than this.

Simplify and you will succeed.

LOL! Please consider reviewing the tutorial videos linked at end of my blogs.

Of course i will thanks for answer me

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