BitFest '18 - Community Photos! PLUS @BITCRAB Presentation Slides [BitShares]

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All the shots streaming in from community Telegram chat :)

As some of you may know, the BitFest event was held this weekend in Amsterdam. Big thanks to the photographers - please also make yourself known in the comments! Thanks to those providing the photos in the Community and DEX Telegram channels .... I've named+numbered the images, so you can leave more details in the comment section!!! Let's see how many of these faces we can name ....

bitfest-1: outdoor mingling, (Petr and Bill Butler Front right - thx @steempower for pointing out!)

Leave your comment below and tag it 'bitfest-1', 'bitfest-2' etc ... let us know who is in the photo, perhaps you? Perhaps someone you recognize? I'll start - That's Bitcrab in the center!

bitfest-2: cafe

bitfest-3: @stan @onceuponatime and friends

bitfest-4: School Photo - Can anyone provide L-R?

bitfest-5: Payger - Christoph Hering

bitfest-6: Bitcrab slides 1

bitfest-7: Bitcrab slides 2

bitfest-8: Bitcrab slides 3

bitfest-9: Bitcrab slides 4

bitfest-10: Bitcrab slides 5

bitfest-11: SPARK (@bitspark)

bitfest-12: DEX Panel

Full list of Speakers for BitShares BitFest Amsterdam 2018

Speaker Name

Jerry Liu (bitcrab)Committee Member of BitShares, Founder of GDEX, Founder of Spring Capital
Petr AsalkhanovRuDEX & BLCKCHND / U°OS (Gravity)
Ronny BoesingCEO and Founder OpenLedger
Bill ButlerBitShares UI Team
Yury CherniawskyVP Business Development OpenLedger
Peter ConradBitShares Core Developer
Annemieke DirkesVoted Spokesperson for BitShares Blockchain
Ryan R. FoxBitShares Core Team Coordinator
Alfredo GarciaBitShares Core Developer
Christoph HeringFounder of Payger
John M. JonesBitShares Core Developer
Pascal van KnijffCEO Futre of Trust and Advisor EUBX.IO
Stan LarimerGodfather of BitShares
Chhay Lin LimCo-founder of Serey
Kristin LowHead of Design, Spark
Toby LynasHead of Operations at PBSA
Michael MathiasFounder of the Das ecosystem and CEO of DasCoin
Damir NedžibovićBlockchain Developer at DasCoin
Dan NotesteinBlockTrades
Andrew RollinsCEO and Co-founder of Everbloom
Michel SantosFounder of Omni Data
Dr. Stefan SchießlSoftware Engineer at Blockchain Projects BV
Dr. Ing. Fabian SchuhCTO at Blockchain Projects BV
Bohdan VarshchukCTO at Spark
Branislav ZelenakChief Blockchain Officer at DasCoin
Jademont ZhengCommittee Member of BitShares, Committee Member of GBAC, Founding Partner of Waterdrip Capital

Bitfest-1: Petr and Bill Butler Front right

Thanks, updated!

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