The BitShares Blockchain Foundation's Public Channels

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The BitShares Blockchain Foundation's Public Channels

Ever since the BitShares Blockchain Foundation was created, it was clear that its public appearance and reputation is crucial to its operational purposes of representing the BitShares Blockchain publicly and legally.

As a consequence of that, the foundation has strict rules when it comes to public communications and social media.

Today, we would like to emphasize again that we merely use the following media for engaging with the public:

Every public action that the foundation undertakes will have a corresponding article on either of those sites. If you see someone claiming anything else, or trying to represent the BitShares Blockchain Foundation, please feel free to contact us.

BitShares Blockchain Foundation
[email protected]

  • Official Public Face and Sole Spokesperson of the BitShares Blockchain {more}

Looks logical to put all the formal part with documentation under .fundation domain with explaining it in more details on steemit profile.


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