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Dear subscribers,

we are pleased to inform everyone that the core developers of BitShares have worked hard to provide potential improvements to the Blockchain. According to the rules, each change to the protocol needs a written document called BitShares Improvement Proposal (BSIP) that describes the changes, as well as a vote on that particular improvement. Consequently, the developers came up with the following BSIPs

bsip-0030 | Always Allow Increasing Collateral Ratio If Debt Not Increased
bsip-0031 | Update Short Position's Margin Call Price After Partially Called Or Settled
bsip-0032 | Always Match Orders At Maker Price
bsip-0033 | Maker Orders With Better Prices Take Precedence
bsip-0034 | Always Trigger Margin Call When Call Price Above Or At Price Feed
bsip-0035 | Mitigate Rounding Issue On Order Matching
bsip-0036 | Remove expired price feeds on maintenance interval
bsip-0037 | Allow new asset name to end with a number

that are also available for voting. The full list can be found on
and full description is available on

The BBF would like to encourage every BTS holder to either consider voting or request a review by your favorite proxy.

Thank you!

BitShares Blockchain Foundation
[email protected]

BitShares Blockchain Foundation
Zutphenseweg 6
7411 ZB Deventer
The Netherlands
Registration: KVK-66190169

Official Public Face and sole Spokesperson of the BitShares Blockchain {more}


It's really new things fore

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Looks great, I'll be voting to approve all of these worker proposals. Great work everyone involved!

thanks for sharing! i will start following your exciting posts! Checkout my posts as well

Thank you for this news

great... what a valuable information... thanks

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