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Annemieke Dirkes, spokesperson for the BitShares Blockchain Foundation, has been communicating with Bittrex Inc. and its counsel to explain the current use and operation of BitShares.

They are also considering how to provide information that will give purchasers of BitShares in the United States of America an accurate understanding of its functions.

She reports the discussions are preliminary but we now understand their specific concerns. She would appreciate it if this was not discussed outside the BitShares community until these issues are resolved.


Thank you for the update, glad your worker was funded and good to see you are putting the funds to good use! Hope you can convince Bittrex and other exchanges to show Bitshares some love.

Sounds good. The other crypto's from the Bittrex press release are in the meantime delisted. BitShares is still listed on Bittrex; only trading is temporarely suspended. Can't be ruled out that the trading will be resumed in the near future.

Bts out of Bittrex??

Well there is nothing to discuss actually, you didn't tell us anything

I hope this goes all well.

Let's get the BitShares Blockchain Foundation successful.

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Waiting for bittrex to relist bitshares !!!

Any news on Bittrex keeping BTS now?