TRUSTY.FUND - A New MOBILE Wallet Experience For BitShares

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New Mobile App - Open Source and User Friendly 👍

22nd April 2018

@Trusty.Fund is not a person, company or a portfolio management team. It is an open-source wallet for more consumer-friendly crypto investment, with cutting-edge tools for managing a harmonized portfolio of assets. The app is based on the BitShares blockchain (, using vue.js API library. The app employs a slick account creation process combined with a user-friendly brain key backup process. So just like in BitShares, this means the keys never leave your control. However, Only You are responsible for the safety of the Brain Key obtained during signup.

Note: Make sure you write down your Brain Key passphrase in different places and store it safely, whenever creating BitShares accounts. This is the only way to access your account! No one but YOU has access to funds which are on the BitShares blockchain.

Verified by Community team along with community members (more on which below) were called into action upon Trusty arriving to the BitShares Community Telegram group just recently. The code was reviewed, the app tested, and feedback provided. Trusty were able to resolve issues quickly and provided great communication. They announced with a soft-launch last Saturday on the BitShares Open Source Hangout (see below).

Today we are pleased to welcome Trusty.Fund as the first community endorsed mobile wallet for BitShares. We continue to work with Trusty and moving forward look at ways in which they can be supported in building more fiat gateways to BitShares.

Mobile First

Trusty is designed specifically for and supported only on mobile devices for now. This allows the team to focus completely on the UI (User Interface) and UX (User eXperience), in perfecting a mobile app; as opposed to all the overheads a fully responsive design entails.

Android native app or Web App (iOS)

Apple and other devices are supported by going to on a mobile browser, for example, here's the account I have opened (and will continue testing) on Google Chrome for iPhone SE -

Aimed for all

Trusty is aimed at non-experienced users to have a simple means of creating and building and investing in a balanced portfolio of cryptocurrency while having access to a variety of fiat gateways by external parties such as those already available on BitShares. Trusty does not have any fees for usage, however, they ask that 1.4% of a diverse portfolio is held in their token, TRUSTY. In fact, the app has simple settings to set the portfolio percentage of all your holdings and let the app take the strain of balancing them. There will be no ICO planned. As of now, the goal is to evolve into a user-driven mobile eco-system, where it will even be possible to follow the best performing portfolios. The code is open source, and anybody is welcome to inspect it on Github: TrustyFund

Futher information about Trusty and their team is available on the website FAQ page

Community Feedback

Thanks to @ash (fav) for tests and positive feedback on BitShares DEX Telegram

As Featured in BitShares Open Source hangout 21st April 2018

Starts at the Trusty guest segment:

Learn more about BitShares from previous articles

WARNING: Cryptocurrency investments are volatile and thus speculative. works for the blockchain technology and community. We do not offer trading advice or investments. Beware of impersonators with fake profiles, who may approach you through any kind of chat groups/social networks.

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Dose it use QR codes?

Thanks you very much for adding value to the bitshares network.
The old android wallet was a bit messy, and the alternatives were closed-source.

Love it when is see things pushing forward... BTS moooon !


very soon everybody will be able to enjoy the benefits of BitShares

Wallet says "name not valid" for every name that is input, even when they are not taken on Bitshares and use numbers do they are not premium names, and also would not work for an email address. Got a Bug report location?


Thanks for feedback

please use this link to open an issue / bug report

Wow... Finally we have mobile app.... This is great


now we need to pass the AppStore review) which is an issue cause many coins (eg EOS) are prohibited to trade...

maybe we do like Binance did for their app / simply download it manually (and not from appStore), but then you don't have push notifications


You mean iOS app store? I talked about this with @kencode, there where huge issues even with #blockpay now PalmPay. #Dash has been on the Apple app store for a while, let's find out how they got approved!

I have nothing else to say, other than "You're awesome!" Been waiting for something like this for ages.


Many thanks for stopping by, upvoting, resteem and comment! Great pleasure to have a whale like yourself pleased and happy with Innovations that are coming :) Will talk to you soon @furious-one for sure!




Thanks @furious-one, pleasure to have you stop by and let us know this :)

love it thank you for sharing 😍😍

nice app for bitshare

Thanks bit shares.
And specially thanks for you,
for shear that information.

Happy Steeming.

Thanks, I was listening live but somehow I didn't quite understand it's use case.

Starts at the Trusty guest segment:

Please link to the time interval.


Please link to the time interval

Try now, it was lost when you select embed in youtube...thanks for pointing this out :)


Ease-of-investment regarding crypto deposits/withdrawals with very nice portfolio management options and profile settings.



Like so many crypto ideas, it has to be experienced to be appreciated I presume.


Well, from a developer side, replacing React with Vue and rewriting base from scratch is something to be very appreciated. Some people paid around here are less productive/creative... But i do appreciate your worry and stand in order to protect the blockchain!

But, open-source + innovations = Success :) :) :)


and hope we can chat more after Fuzzy on Saturday.


very good post.
many many thanks for share.

yes, bitsshare is very good app.
Thank you for share.

Great stuff guys...thanks for moving forward with new projects...I'll be trying it out today

How to find the 16 words backed up when bitshares account was created ?