BitShares DEX MM/trading contest start on 25th Oct / BitShares DEX交易大赛10月25号开始

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Put up orders in the BitShares DEX to earn 60,000 BTS each day!

The market making contest will start on 25th Oct. 2019

More details are here:


Up to 60,000 BTS every day. Funding by the committee.

Start Date

2019-10-25 0:00:00 UTC
End date not yet decided.


BTS / [gateways].BTC
BTS / [gateways].USDT
(30,000 BTS each)


Every gateway needs to prove that its gateway assets are fully backed by real assets.
(The lists below will be updated from time to time as the contest progresses)



Market makers place orders onto the order book.
The bigger the orders and
the closer the orders to the opposite side of the order book and
the longer the orders lasting on the order book,
the more rewards the owner of the orders will earn.


For each market, 98% of total reward will go to BTS buyers and the rest will go to BTS sellers.
(Note: The committee will have the right to update the percentages as the contest progresses. Updates will be announced in advance.)

After each block is produced, a snapshot of the order book will be captured. Every order on the markets will be scored.

The orders whose size is smaller than 100 BTS will be ignored when calculating.
Get the lowest ask price (LAP) and highest bid price (HBP) of the remaining order book.
For bids (orders buying BTS), order_distance = (LAP - order_price) / LAP
For asks (orders selling BTS), order_distance = (order_price - HBP) / order_price

Group 1: orders whose order_distance is within [0%, 1%] will share up to 53% of total reward;
Group 2: orders whose order_distance is within (1%, 2%] will share up to 25% of total reward;
Group 3: orders whose order_distance is within (2%, 3%] will share up to 12% of total reward;
Group 4: orders whose order_distance is within (3%, 5%] will share up to 6% of total reward;
Group 5: orders whose order_distance is within (5%, 7%] will share up to 3% of total reward;
Group 6: orders whose order_distance is within (7%, 10%] will share up to 1% of total reward.

For each group, group_score = group_reward_percent * min(1, total_order_size / 1,000,000 BTS).

For each order within a group,
order_weight = order_size * ( 1 + (group_upper_bound - order_distance) / (group_upper_bound - group_lower_bound) )
order_score = group_score * order_weight / sum(order_weight)

For each day,
for each market group, specifically, BTS / [gateways].BTC or BTS / [gateways].USDT,
daily_bids_reward = 30,000 BTS * bids_reward_percent * sum(bids_group_score) / total_blocks_produced_in_that_day
daily_asks_reward = 30,000 BTS * asks_reward_percent * sum(asks_group_score) / total_blocks_produced_in_that_day

For traders,
account_bids_reward = daily_bids_reward * sum(bids_order_score) / sum(bids_group_score)
account_asks_reward = daily_asks_reward * sum(asks_order_score) / sum(asks_group_score)
account_daily_reward = account_bids_reward + account_asks_reward

Reward Data (BitShares Mainnet)


Wechat: please add GDEXxiaozhushou and send message "BTS" to join the group
Chinese post:
Chinese post:

2019年10月25号 北京时间早上 8 点整开始。结束时间待定

每天奖励上限 6 万 BTS。

理事会账户现有资金 。






  1. 简单来说,就是挂买单有奖。如果买单成交,后果自负。参与者自控风险。
  2. 原则:鼓励挂单、鼓励缩小买卖盘口挂单差价、鼓励大资金参与、不鼓励刷成交量,争取形成长效机制
  3. 参与者自筹做市资金,实盘操作,自负盈亏,靠实力说话;资金量不限
    2.1 越大资金挂单,奖励越高;
    2.2 价格离对面盘口越近,奖励越高;
    2.3 挂单持续时间越长,奖励越高。


  • BTS/BTC 交易对 和 BTS/USDT 交易对各一半奖励 (各 30000 BTS)。
    为防止恶意压盘,买盘奖励比例大于卖盘,初始比例 买盘:卖盘 = 98:2 。

  • 单笔 100 BTS 及以上的挂单视为有效挂单, 100 BTS 以下的挂单不参与深度计算、奖励计算

  • 按照当前挂单到对方盘面最近的“有效挂单”的距离,计算深度。
    距离 = 【绝对值(本单价格 - 对方挂单价)】/ 【最大值(对方挂单价格,本单价格)】
    挂单深度分档 / 基准奖励比例

    • 距离 1% 及以内的挂单分享最多 53% 的奖励
    • 距离 2% 及以内的挂单分享最多 25% 的奖励
    • 距离 3% 及以内的挂单分享最多 12% 的奖励
    • 距离 5% 及以内的挂单分享最多 6% 的奖励
    • 距离 7% 及以内的挂单分享最多 3% 的奖励
    • 距离 10% 及以内的挂单分享最多 1% 的奖励
  • 每一档内,
    如果不到100万BTS的总深度,奖励额 = 基准奖励 * 实际深度 / 100万BTS
    如果达到100万BTS的总深度,奖励额 = 基准奖励(也就是说封顶,超过不多奖)

  • 档内奖励分配
    权重系数 = 1 + (档位上边界 - 挂单价格)/(档位上边界 - 档位下边界)

  • 每天统计发奖。统计周期为格林尼治时间0点到24点。

电报 Telegram:
微信: 搜索添加 GDEXxiaozhushou 回复消息 BTS 进群

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大赛进行了三个星期,参与者逐渐增多,昨天的奖励已经超过 3 万 BTS 了。


2019-11-14 Total Reward 41764.38346 BTS



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