Smartcoins Wallet, graphenej, Stealth, BlockPay, C-IPFS... Weekly Report

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Is it July already? Man how time flies when you're BACK AT WORK :)

In this weeks update, I have good news and bad news.
TRANSPARENCY, remember? :)

Ok, so it's mostly good news, but the "bad" news is just a time delay setback on the Stealth core, but I will show you my solutions to this below. So, without delay..

First off, the hostile takeover attempt of my company (BitShares Munich IVS) should be over pretty soon as I was finally able to fire Chris (my CEO/CFO) and freeze the bank account and assets. The largest of the crypto accounts that he holds the keys to was here (, but 11 days ago he transferred almost everything out of that company account into a multisig account I found here. As you can see, there is still roughly 16 Million Bitshares in that account (over $3,000,000) so once I regain control of the finances, my Dev teams and I will be in good shape financially again and @onceuponatime won't have to keep injecting his personal capital to keep the work moving along. Chris also collected hundreds of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as reflected on the website that he published here. See the letter my attorney sent to him this week here.

Since the Facebook, Discord, Telegram (and who-knows how many other social media) accounts were suddenly deleted, Rodrigo, Angie, Miguel and many of the BlockPay Ambassadors have stepped up and resumed marketing efforts of BlockPay, and yes, they are unpaid as well. I created a Telegram supergroup if you would like to chat with any of us, or coordinate efforts in your town, setup Meetups, get tech support, etc here:

For all of you entrepreneurs out there, please remember one thing. When you build things of value, you are going to be attacked by competitors, by trolls, by opposing-agenda media, by bankers and even government thugs. But, be strong, stand your ground, remember Sun Tzu, always document everything, always be honest, decentralize, love what you do and plow right through them (meeting force with equal force of course). Non-Aggression Principle is the root of Agorism, peace and love.


Ok, so what's been going on this week?

graphenej - All the classes inside the "api" package were created in order to be used in a very simple request-response interaction with the full node server using the websockets interface. The websockets protocol of course allows us to establish a bidirectional communication channel with the remote endpoint, but all those classes were simple handlers that didn't provide for that.

For more sophisticated features, like being notified when a given transaction was included in a block, we needed something more than just a request-response handler, and thus the SubscriptionMessageHub class was introduced. The purpose of this class is to act as a central broker for messages coming from the full node. It maintains a persistent connection to the full node and is notified of events. It also exposes an interface that allows interested parties to register themselves to be notified of any updates.

This class was still limited though, since it was just a passive listener that received and forwarded messages to each one of the interested parties, if any existed. A logical extension of its capabilities would be to allow it to also forward requests and manage their specific responses, thus allowing the reuse of the connection that has already been established with the full node.

The beginnings of this specific feature, that will from now on be described as "multiplex support", were introduced in this commit. The GetAccouts class had to be adapted in order to work with this new kind of broker architecture, and so far it is the only class that has been adapted to work with it. In order to move this feature to a more stable branch, we would need to apply the same small changes to all the other classes in the "api" package.

As we upgrade graphenej further, we will update all of our apps like the Smartcoins Wallet and BlockPay to make use of these enhancements...


BlockPay - First of all, since I had to have the BitShares Munich bank accounts frozen, this means that our server providers will start shutting down our existing hosting accounts for non-payment. Tonight we are setting up a brand new dedicated server account and getting it online asap. This might mean some downtime for BlockPay transactions, but the code in the app should revert it to the Openledger node so that there won't be a network blackout, but latency may be observed. Rest assured though, as soon as the new server is online and configured, I will modify the code to look for the new primary server and then release the update on google play immediately. In other words, BlockPay may seem a bit laggy over the next few days.

The motivation behind the features described in the graphenej section above was the detection of some performance issues with the websockets communication infrastructure currently in place. To be more specific, it was discovered that the current implementation was not only using an outdated websockets library, but it was also using blocking network calls that sometimes were freezing the app.

In order to completely replace the previously used websocket library we initially thought it would be a good idea to add support for a multiplex communication to the graphenej library. Although this would indeed be a nice thing to have (since reusing an existing connection is always better that keep spawning new connections every time) a close inspection to the existing code base revealed that most of the API capabilities required were already implemented in the graphenej library as a single-request methods.

So in order to have the app in a better condition sooner rather than later, it was decided to stash the multiplex support work for now and just replace the existing websockets library usage by introducing the single-request graphenej library classes when needed. This work can be seen mostly here.

The old websockets library was not removed altogether yet since we're still working on a feature branch, but the idea is to completely deprecate it and instead supplant it with our graphenej library. This is a work in progress that still needs to be refined before merging it with the develop branch.

Some other small fixes like:

  • Fixed some spanish strings here.
  • Added support for the coinmarketcap API in order to have a redundant source of marketcap data here.
  • Improving the layout of the BackupBrainkeyActivity class, was performed here.
  • Simplified the DatabaseLoadActivity here.

BlockPay private repo

In case you're wondering about those commit links, I am keeping BlockPay in that private repo for just a bit longer until we get some traction. I want to see some businesses actually accepting crypto with BlockPay before I just hand over our hard work. A lot of money has been invested in this, I hope you understand :) So, if nothing else, please install BlockPay on a tablet or phone and get your local grocery store to try it out! Download:


Stealth - The C-IPFS code for the secure automated backups for Stealth transactions is coming along nicely and those commits can be seen here:

Node to node and client to node is now working, and is starting to play nice with Go-IPFS clients and nodes as well. This was a huge barrier we had to cross, but finally we are there. On Monday, we will be chatting with the Go guys and make sure it is seamless.

The next step is to launch the first formal release of C-IPFS to the world, and then start the integration of it with our Stealth core code with the bitshares-core. That part is not that hard really, but the most time consuming part will be getting acquainted with Blockstream's Confidential Assets (CA) code, and dumping the slow, unscalable libsnark code that we spent so much time on testing and tweaking and testing. My Stealth core Dev has had to take some time off for family, and to be quite honest, he might not be able to return. So, realizing this, I am hiring an additional core Dev this week which will start plowing thru his code and getting savvy on the CA crypto. I want the Stealth public testnet launched just as bad as anyone, so rest assured I am helping him to get up to speed and fast. I bought 600,000 STEALTH tokens and I want to see some income from them asap. By the way, I am hiring a third guy right now for some scala work, so if you know of a savvy scala dev, please have him ping me via github. You guys know I am into meshnet, and in my free time I have been developing a bridge between our different products. I'll reveal more about this later :)


Smartcoins Wallet - Issues are now being addressed again thanx to the recent capital injection, so if you have any problems with the mobile wallet at all, please let us know about it here:

More commits and tighter integration with graphenej library:

If you remember, the 2.0 version will probably be called "Carbon" and it will enable the mobile wallet to initially and natively support 6 different blockchains. The STEEM chain is the final of the 6 and is being worked on as we speak. So, that's good news for Steemians, right? :)

Dash InstantSend is working great, Bitcoin of course, Bitshares assets, Litecoin.. oh yeah I just remembered, I want to post another video of Carbon so you can see the new UI/UX. Ok, I just set myself a reminder to get the updated video done and uploaded.. Will try to have that online for you guys in the next week or so, I think it's pretty awesome.

If you haven't tried the current Smartcoins Wallet and want to go mobile with your crypto (ESPECIALLY if your local store has a BlockPay point of sale) then check it out! The download for the mobile wallet is here:

So, TONS of good news this week, I hope you guys enjoy reading my reports!

Please help me spread the word and bring these products to the world now, MUCH love for resteem and upvotes :) Peace, Love, and Agorism..

.. ken


"TRANSPARENCY, remember? :)"

We love that about you @kencode. These updates solidify our faith in you as a key figure (not just a figurehead) in all things Graphene! You are a man of action and the proof is laid out here for all to see!

We look for ward to further updates and on seeing this visionary and problem solving products increase steadily in their use!

Thank you sooo much @kus-knee for those kind words! Thanx to blockchains, transparency is much easier these days. Ya know, if people would understand HONOR and what it means to give someone your Word, or say "I promise" then I doubt we would have so many lawyers in the world. Hell we might even save a few trees by using less paper. I teach my kids the same thing, just show them how much easier and more fulfilling life can be if we just tell the truth. It's not always what the listener might want to hear, but being truthful benefits everyone.

MUCH love kus-knee, your kind comments just made my day! :) UPVOTED 100% with my full minnow-power :)

Thank you so much Ken, and I agree truth is the cornerstone of everything we do, and there are ways to do everything with truthfully and ethically.

Great to hear of the progress, Kencode! Good for you on all that. Even more, good for you on overcoming the massive amount of problems thrown at you by others. You are victorious and breaking through all the yuck that has hit you. Keep up the good work!

Wow thank you so much @terrybrock !!

Indeed it has been a lotta yuck. You'd think that GIVING someone 49% of your company would be enough. Greedy, entitlement-class snowflakes lol. Well, whatcha gonna do.

You got anymore TED Talks comin up? I love listening to you, you have a way of speaking that anyone can understand, even this geeky stuff.

Anyway, thanx so much for popping in! Problems can also present opportunity, we just have to be tuned to see it.

MUCH love terrybrock! Peace

Great to hear from you, Ken!

Thank you for your kind words. And yes, I know what you mean about entitlement-class snowflakes. You and I choose to be producers and to what is right.

Thank you for your encouraging words about my TEDx talk. I don't have any others scheduled right now, however, I have my blog that has a lot of video of me. You can check it out here:

Also, drop me a note on email and let's continue this discussion. I have some other items to discuss.

Keep up the great work you're doing! Please give my regards to your family.

All the best,


Thanx so much Terry, I just got your email so will reply there now. Thanx for the regards of my family too, the harassment got very scary a couple times but is out of harm's way now. Thanx again for all you do, chat soon :)

We love that about you @kencode. These updates solidify our faith in you as a key figure (not just a figurehead) in all things Graphene! You are a man of action and the proof is laid out here for all to see!

We look for ward to further updates and on seeing this visionary and problem solving products increase steadily in their use!

Glad you plugged the hole is the sinking ship Ken. Once all that mucky water is bailed out, the ship can sail agian.

damn straight and i LOVE sailing too. thanx konelectric :)

Glad to see that BlockPay move forward again :)

Ken, this are really good news.
I have some entrepeneurs in Brazil interested in opening a gateway to Bitshares, creating tokens backed 1:1 by Brazilian currency in Bitshares platform. Can you tell where I can find more info about all procedures?

Hi brtelles, sure thing, have a look at the documentation:

..and if you haven't done so already, join us in the Telegram chat:

There's over 1000 people in that chat group so getting some help should be pretty easy :)

Smartcoins? Aren't you forgetting something? We have Bancor now as well!

Good work kencode, i really love this work.kudos to you

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Thanks for sharing all of this iportant info, You are a good blogger

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I like your advice to all entrepreneurs to be strong and power on. Thank you for all your news and updates. Keep steeming

Thanx practicaleric, that was just a couple sentences representing over 25 years of business experience, so I hope a few people actually read it. Be strong and power on, just like you said :)

Good progress going on, keep it up! 👌

Thanks for the update and awesome work as always @kencode! Also thanks for the shoutout you know my stance on pushing BlockPay through Colombia and South America, so here we are brushing the dust off our shoulders and moving foward!

Remember our convo in Munich, you need to come see Colombia one of these days, take care!

I do remember that convo man, and I would LOVE to see Colombia. That steak we had in Munich was pretty awesome though, I hope you guys have some good chow there. lol just kidding man but seriously I will get to your area at some point. Most of my dev teams are in central and south america actually, PLUS I will hopefully be able to afford the trip to Anarchapulco next february...
As you said, moving forward!! :)

@kencode lolol we have some really good food and other things! ;) That night was a great convo with all the potential behind C-IPFS and how we can change the world for better. Hope to have you around here soon so you can experience this beautiful country yourself !

Great work dude. Keep it up. Following you because, well basically decentralising is the key to real freedom. I've changed my life because of it, and getting the message out to folks...who unfortunately most people are still in the "huh??" zone, but I think there are enough things happening around the world for at least some to start questioning.

lol "huh?".. EXACTLY. the thing is tho man just keep planting the seeds. i gave up trying to convince others, but showing them works wonders. even volunteering at the shelter helps.

once people see real anarchy and non-aggression principle in action, they will stop associating the word with chaos.

@jeffberwick did an awesome video about anarchists way back, check it out...

yeah, I saw this at the time. been following jeff and @dollarvigilante for some time now, along with some other very interesting people. Big fan of terence mckenna, and last night was listening to one of his esalen talks where he goes on about how there are about 3000 people around the world on the internet now. Made me chuckle, and I suspect he would have loved whats going on right about now.

I'm inspired by how you keep making strides forward despite the obstacles you face. I'll be following this closely. Good luck!

Thanx again gdreyer :)

Me too. I'm keeping an eye on the development. Although I'm pretty much a newbie, I'm definitely looking out for the best information to promote so all Steemians gets to benefit. The dream is to make the cryptocurrency world safety than fiat.

happy to find you here and now follow you too -- i have been kept up to date with your business problems by reading posts by your friends -- wishing you health wealth n happiness

aah thank you so much @daydreams4rock :)

@kencode thanks for this post sir. i appreciate the encouragement you are giving to people like us.keep posting contents like this. deep and useful. :)

Hmmmmm, so awesome, what a blessed and wonderful writter.nice work

up-voted and re-steemed for getting the word out there.


I never knew that i can enjoy post about crypto-news so much!
Thank you for sharing Mr.Ken. I'll probably check some of tech later.

What a story, man! Congrats for your strength!

Thanx hebro :)

Keep up the great work and love your positive attitude. So many things to be excited about

Thks and congratulation for your hard work @kencode and all your team.

WOW !! Wonderfull, hope you will manage, but it is clear and understandable. Hope to see it on the "market" soon

Tihis is good, man! Congrats for your strength!

But, be strong, stand your ground, remember Sun Tzu, always document everything, always be honest, decentralize, love what you do and plow right through them (meeting force with equal force of course). Non-Aggression Principle is the root of Agorism, peace and love.

Got to love it! Thanks.


I like the work on the smart wallet. Thanks kencode for sharing this wonderful posts.

Impressive to see you staying on track despite the recent challenges.

Al Salamu Alaikom (Peace be upon you), I truly appreciate the goodness in this community.

I actually downloaded SmartCoins Wallet and BlockPay and i would like to share my experience i could be missing something here. I look forward for the next update. I intended to actually start promoting it.

Since the project on GitHub is private still...

When i tried to import wallet created with PIN in SmartCoins to BlockPay:

  • There was a limit on how many digits you can enter so my pin in SmartCoins did not fit on BlockPay.

  • After reducing the pin length tried to import new bin file it didn't recognize correct pin/file.

All the best,

Hi Oz, thank you for the report.
If you could, please post this in greater detail on the github issues page here:

The BlockPay team reads those same issue reports, so make sure you tell them when you are referring to the wallet, or to BlockPay. Both apps share the same graphenej library, so whatever you post there will be seen by both teams.

Please and thanx :)

Bitcoin is just one example of something that uses a blockchain. It's frees people from trying to operate in a modern market economy.

Great post ! Today i just lost my job...i worked really hard as a waiter for like 10 years in a restaurant...worked night after night shifts but still they decide they don't need my services anymore and that they don't have money to pay me so they just kick me out . It was really hard for me to find this job because i don't have much education....i did't go to college...
The real problem is that i have a debt of 759 $ to my apartment rent and if i don't pay till the end of the month they gonna kick me out from my own home. I don't have friends and my family won't lend me any money...
My only hope now to raise this money is steemit...i like it alot here and the community is very nice...

Please if anybody would like to help me , a upvote would be awesome and would help me tremendously to raise the money i need .

Thank you very much for your help and i hope you have a great day .

Hi @toscani40, I upvoted you a tiny bit, but the best way for you to earn a living on steemit is to start posting things of value to your readers. Write friendly stories about the things that you love, post a few photos, introduce yourself, show us what positive change you can bring to the world. Those things have value, and are worth many upvotes. :)

The more you post, and the more value you bring to your readers, the more you can earn.

Glad to see you back at it

Wonderful info keep sharing

nice informative posts will try to follow the things u have said :)

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