All to take but to share: Bitfinex will distribute the losses from the cyber attacks between clients

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Exchange seems to want to distribute the loss of 120 thousand BTC between all the holders of bitcoins and those who borrowed dollars for margin trading in the pair BTC/USD. This was announced by her representative Zane Tackett.

"We are still working on the details so nothing's final, but we are leaning toward a scenario of allocation of loss among the balances in bitcoin and active loans in a couple of VTS-USD... More details will be known tomorrow; we will also answer most of the questions that were asked in the last two days," wrote Zane Tackett on the forum Reddit. He noted that the loss distribution will not affect owners of other cryptocurrencies, worked exchange.

In the absence of any specific explanation, as will be the allocation of funds, these intentions have caused a very controversial users who are watching the discussion. Many are outraged that the exchange intends to make owners of non-jailbroken accounts to cover the losses of the victims.

"Does this mean that if the robbers broke the part of the Bank of cells, the Bank will open the other boxes to distribute the money among the victims? Because that is what Bitfinex is here and offers. You see what a stupid analogy?", writes guywithtwohats.

In the same branch Crypto_Economist42 offered another comparison.

"It would be correct to compare it with the Bank, which has 10 of cash stores, and one of them robbed. In this case, the account holders, whose money was robbed in vault will be able to apply for the Bank to court. If the Bank is unable to pay his bankrupt and money from 9 stores will be used for compensation claims of creditors."

Some believe that the bankruptcy of Bitfinex would be the best outcome for everyone because the exchange was incompetent and insolvent. Others object that the exchange Mt. Gox already passed through bankruptcy, but the lawyers still have not received my money back.

The Hong Kong exchange Bitfinex plans to gradually restore user access to the website, after unknown hackers gained access to the key exchange, BTC stole 119756; according to Reuters, it is 0.75% of bitcoins in circulation. The investigation of the theft, withdrawals, deposits and currency exchange are suspended. Bitfinex promised to pay the victims at the exchange rate at the time of cyber attacks: $604,06 for bitcoin.