Bitconnect going strong!

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Anyone else loving bitconnect? The more time that goes by, the more confident I am in the company. I hear a lot of complaints about this coin and company, but if you do enough research, you can see this company does actually exist and is comprised of a team of dedicated people. Get in on this! No clue how long it'll last...maybe another 6 months, maybe years, but take advantage of it while it's still possible. I've now invested $4500, and in 3 weeks made back $1500 in lending. Not too shabby. Sign up and get moving!


Bitconnect, Steam, and Gigawatt are the only things I'm investing in for a long time to come. It's all about passive income, and these 3 are it!!

BCC is awesome.I got 4.25k worth of loans and yes each day that passes it gives me more confidance. Nearly received 50% on my original loans so its going really well.

Nice man! I gotta get some people to sign up underneath me...tough but that's where you really start to make money

DEPENDS. It helps but I aint got any referals and still make good money! IT ALL GOES ON HOW MUCH YOU LOAN OUT. ALL MY LOANS ARE OVER 1K MY NEXT IS GOING TO BE 5K. SEE HOW THAT ROLES OUT.

nice! Yeah, I'm about at 5k loaned out....kinda still skeptical about the whole thing. I don't really get where the money is coming from and how they're able to pay out these crazy amounts. Seems like they might be using new money to pay old money, but I'm praying it stays around for a couple years at least so I can pay off all my debt!

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Nice friend :)

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