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When I first saw Bitconnect earlier this year, I called it "Crazy". A coin attached to a referal program, mining, stacking and LENDING BOT, half in a "shitcoin" (that havn't been developed on for months) and the other half on centralized services like a website and databases. But today, I think differently about Bitconnect, even it have had some offline days resently and there have been problems with the wallets on the website, I now think that Bitconnect have the potential to be:


Incentives to stay in business

The number one reason I think that Bitconnect have a great future, is that the company have a huge incentive to stay in business, since the coins value goes up in value, faster then the loans made to the trading bot, meaning that Bitconnect have more then enough money to let this party run for a very very long time.

On the other hand, I have to be realistic, it could be that one day (maybe years from now) then Bitconnect will run away with all the money and the BCC token will go to zero.

It pays more to stake the coin then to lend to the bot, but the outcome of lending to the bot, is more stable then staking.

When you stack the BCC token in the Bitconnect wallet, you currently get 8% in interest and the value of the BCC token have been doubling on average each month! When you lend to the bot, you get around 40% in interest pr month.


*This is not financial advise, but you have the option to play the Bitconnect game together with the rest of us:

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I usually like your posts, but this one is not good. Bitconnect is complete trash and nobody should be putting even 1 Satoshi into it. I am only self-upvoting so people will see this comment.


I have called Bitconnect a scam, because it is a scam, I know that... but it is a scam that can make a lot of people rich... anyway I began to focus on Embercoin... atleast no one have the keys to your money in that coin... 600% interest per month.. that coin is the closest you get to "Bitconnect on the blockchain" in todays market.

Personally I think that these coins are mostly for fun.

I worked it out that when I done my first loan of 1010 i had to buy around 100 Odd coin. Today if i kept them I would of had over 13k. 😭



What is the point if you can't withdraw any money?


I assume that the withdrawals will be reactivated within one week.


And what do you base that assumption and time frame on?


I heard that it would be one week. I found out that I could withdraw BCC tokens, Bitcoin withdraws might be up again I don't know. Anyway have you checked Ember Coin?, you can read about it my resent posts.

Do you still have an account after the hack? ;)


Yes, I can login fine and exchange between the 3 currencies and receive interests, but withdrawal are still suspended.

Not many smart people on this planet. Bitconnect is a scam. No blockchain. You are not in full control of your funds. Furthermore that option does nit exist. A total scam.


Its the moralistic scam that can make you rich... come join us: https://bitconnect.co/?ref=lasseehlers


And make others poor 😂😂. No thanks 🙂

I have absolutely no idea about Bitcoin. maybe this post helped me a bit. thank you